July 24, 2016

Abiding in Grace

As a seasoned pastor and disciple of Jesus, John calls believers to hear Christ's voice, to obey the truth, and to be ready to repent.

Scripture:  1 John 3:16-24

Sermon Notes:

  1. John writes as a witness, one who experienced the ministry of Christ.
  2. Like Pilate (Jn. 18:37-38), James and John didn’t fully understand the truth about Jesus early in His ministry.
  3. Now as a mature pastor, John calls the church to listen to the truth and to obey the truth. We’re to listen to Christ’s voice and to be ready to repent.
  4. Our life of giving generously assures us that God’s love abides in us (1 Jn. 3:16-19). The Mosaic law requires gracious generosity (Deut 15:7-19 cf. 1 Jn. 2:15).
  5. If you struggle with generosity, look to the cross to be reminded of God’s grace and mercy.
  6. Repentance opens our hearts to receive God’s love.
  7. Our assurance rests not in our mere repentance but in God who is greater than our sins.
  8. A repentant heart confidently approaches God in prayer.
  9. God is greater than our hearts; God is greater than our requests, and He knows what we need before we ask Him (cf. Psalm 66).
  10. A person of obedience toward God is a person continually praying.
  11. Both the law and the Spirit of God are His gifts to us.
  12. We are kept by the Spirit of God who works in our hearts that we may know and love His law (Jer. 31:33 cf. Ez. 36:26-27).
  13. Those who have assurance of being God’s are those who obey.
  14. We are those who belong to the Good Shepherd; we hear His voice, and we’re secure in His care (Jn. 10).
  15. When we start to lag behind in disobedience we need to repent. Our Shepherd never loses sight of us.
  16. As we come to the Lord’s Supper, we’re reminded that as God has loved us so we’re to love one another.
  17. Having cleansed us from our sins, God calls us to come to the Lord’s Table in repentance.

Application Questions:

  1. What does God require of us with respect to our poor brothers (see Deut. 15:7-19)?
  2. Do we love this world or the things of this world more than our brothers?
  3. How does the cross help us to rethink our calling to give generously?
  4. What does Psalm 66 teach us about God’s generosity?
  5. How does our own love for the brothers and God’s love for us each contribute to our assurance of salvation?
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