The Cultural Leadership Academy is for attendees 19+ years of age with an interest in fields such as politics, medicine, law, education, theology, philosophy, business, science and technology and the various arts.

Learn to understand culture, apply your faith, and gain in-depth insight into a distinctly Biblical world-and-life-view capable of vindicating the Christian philosophy of life in every sphere at this unique and transformative program for emerging Christian leaders.

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The two weeks I spent at the Academy permanently re-formed my approach to “life on earth” – the motivation for my God-given
purpose and calling has been profoundly transformed.

Aviviere Telang

What I learned at the Runner Academy was that ALL living–whether it’s weeding the garden, putting out the garbage, playing tennis,
or enjoying dinner–can and ought to be done to the honour and glory of God, and for the increase of His Kingdom on earth and in

Gerrit Van Dorland

The ministry of the Ezra Institute helped ground my understanding of the lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of my life, and
enabled me to appreciate how our collective worship and recognition of His lordship over individual lives affect a nation and beyond.

Vicky Chan

The Ezra Institute has given me a renewed sense of the truth and beauty of the gospel and the power of God’s Word for all of life.

Matthew Grove

My time at the Ezra Institute has been absolutely life changing. While I had developed a strong Christian faith over the course of my life, I found myself learning about pivotal moments in Christian thought and having core Christian principles articulated to me in ways that I had never heard before. Not only did I find myself growing in insight and understanding about Christianity as a worldview and the Gospel as a call to action, but I found myself surrounded by likeminded individuals who shared a similar vision, commitment, and passion for advancing the Kingdom of God. Since my time here, I have consistently drawn on the concepts and principles that were communicated to me to advocate for and advance the Kingdom of God in day-to-day conversations and interactions with believers and non-believers alike. In short, I have benefitted significantly from the work of the Institute, and I would commend it to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge of what a Biblical worldview looks like in practice.

Lia Milousis