May 12, 2014

Dictatorship of the Egalitarians

Developments in the Canadian courts point to the idolatry of the culture.

Henry Van Til suggested that culture is religion externalized.  It is clear that he was right.  The two most significant indicators of the religious character of any culture are its law and education.  Analyse the law and education of any society and you have analysed the religious foundation of the culture.  Behind every social order, whosoever’s doctrines are propagated in the educational establishment, is the primary source of sovereignty and Lordship.  The source of law and truth is the sovereign of any culture and the de-facto god.   In the modern revolution against Christianity, this is no longer God and his Word, but the state.

Today, there are increasingly religious tests for ‘legitimacy’ to teach or practice law in Canada and the West generally.  These ‘tests’ are also coming to the fore in education, journalism, medicine and party politics, right down to which beliefs make someone fit to foster and adopt children by state permission.  Recently the National Post carried the story that Justin Trudeau has declared that no one can candidate for being an MP in the Liberal party unless they support abortion.  That is to say, in an ostensibly democratic society, the promotion of identity politics (cultural Marxism) and a culture of death (murder of the unborn) is the test of orthodoxy and the only tolerated stance for Liberals in modern Canada – this is already the case in the NDP.  A revived humanism and paganism in our time is demanding the ‘new’ religion of egalitarian social justice be enforced upon all in the name of democracy, with the two non-negotiable sacraments of sodomy and abortion being the key religious test questions for approved participation in public life.  Failure to support and celebrate these practices increasingly render one unfit to teach, practice law, adopt or foster children, speak in the media or candidate for running as a Liberal or New Democrat – how liberal and democratic of them.  These religious tests are there to guard humanistic religious orthodoxy against the infiltration of Christianity.  The irony of how one might guard essentially Christian institutions (like universities, parliament, schools and crown courts) from the Christianity which founded them is lost on most people.  The reality is that the religious confession of our nation today is no longer Christian, but pagan and humanistic and if you will not comply you need not apply!

Those tracking with developments in Canadian law and education will be well aware that Trinity Western University’s proposed law school has recently come under sustained attack from activist lawyers and homosexual rights groups.  Despite the B.C. court’s finding in favor of TWU’s law school initiative as completely legitimate, not to mention the supposed protection of the Charter for freedom of religion, association and thought, legal minds and activists all over Canada are mobilizing provincial law societies against the University to ensure that no graduate of TWU law school would ever be able to actually practice law.  In fact in April, lawyers in B.C. and Ontario sued the B.C. government in an attempt to overturn its approval of Trinity Western’s proposed school of law.  Just a few weeks later, law societies, including Ontario’s, are voting to bar TWU law students from practicing law in their provinces; the Ontario law society, the largest and oldest in the country, voting 28-21 in favor of banning TWU graduates.  Yet what is the crime of TWU? A curriculum teaching biblical law; the Christian history of common law; or the place of the Ten Commandments in the law?  No, nothing so exciting.  Their crime is having a standard community covenant that requires teachers and students to abide by biblical standards of sexual relations only within marriage of a man and a woman for the duration of their studies or teaching at TWU.  For the ‘sin’ of believing in the Christian standards of sexual purity within marriage they are to be censured, according to many legal minds.  Christian ethical standards are ‘discriminatory’ since they do not support radical egalitarian social justice, therefore such a school and its students must be discriminated against as structural oppressors, an institution unfit to teach and practice law.   

Whether most people realise it or not this is one of most serious and dangerous developments in Canadian politics in recent years.  If freedom of religion, conscience, association and thought is denied to a Christian institution (which is what the attack on TWU means), and therefore to private individuals graduating from such an institution, how long can churches and other Christian corporations and organisations remain practically or even legally Christian?  Or, if freedom of religion is reinterpreted to mean only a private individual’s right not to support humanism so long as they say nothing, what happens to the freedom to share the gospel?  Such freedom is already eroding fast in the U.K as street preachers are being arrested for hate speech, and the freedom freeze is already a reality in universities across Canada.

The shift of sovereignty in our time from God to the state, and the consequent change in the source of law from God’s word to man’s imagination and consciousness is resulting in the attempted ‘remaking’ of human nature and a social revolution of epoch-making proportions.  If Christians do not start to speak boldly and prophetically now, history will pronounce over us those chilling words, “too late.”

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