May 1, 2024

Euthanasia: Death by Doctor & the Cosmology of Killing

In the fifth episode of our series, Conversations & Presuppositions, thanks to the recent controversy in the UK, Dr. Michael Thiessen and Dr. Joe Boot wade into the current cultural conversation on euthanasia (lit. “the good death”), or as it is euphemistically called assisted suicide, join the discussion as they unpack what lies beneath the culture of death as it spreads throughout the world, and why Christians need to cultivate a thoroughgoing Christian view of the sanctity of life.

Episode Resources:
They Want To Kill Us: Here’s how and why | Dr. Jack King:;
American Worldview Inventory 2021-22: The Annual Report on the State of Worldview in the United States | George Barna:;
“Assisted Suicide in Canada” | The Canadian Encyclopedia:;
Documentary – The Death Debate:;

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