June 21, 2023

Ezra Institute Welcomes New Canadian Director

The Ezra Institute is very pleased to announce that as part of our expansion plans, we are adding to our Canadian staff. Rev. Nathanael Wright will be joining our leadership team in a permanent capacity effective July 15, 2023, as the Executive Director, Canada.

Nate is a Christian leader, theologian and cultural apologist, having worked in Christian ministry and church leadership in Canada for over fifteen years. He was influenced by the work and teaching of the Ezra Institute at a critical time in his own ministry development, and over a number of years became increasingly engaged in promoting our work, thought and message before joining our international leadership team.

Nate is the host of the popular Rebel Podcast on the Fight Laugh Feast Network, and regularly speaks at churches and conferences in Canada. His competent defense of the faith, biblically faithful preaching and teaching and courageous stand for the truth of the gospel and liberty of the church of Jesus Christ have inspired many in recent years and we are keen to see his influence and impact grow in Canada as he serves with the Ezra Institute.

He will be responsible for advancing our resources, programs, and events throughout Canada, helping to enhance the reach and impact of the Ezra Institute.   We look forward to utilizing his many talents as we continue to restore and rebuild a Christian philosophy of life for every sphere across the nation.  Nate will be available to serve the Christian community in Canada on behalf of the Ezra Institute with speaking engagements to students, churches, conferences and various events from August 2023.  Please contact our office if you would like to invite Nate to your event.  We appreciate your prayers and support while, by God’s good grace, we labour to serve Christ the King and His Kingdom purposes in all things.

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