June 6, 2014

Good is Evil and Evil is Good

If people are to knowingly live amidst and promote flagrant evil, such as the murder of unborn children, that evil must be rationalized and justified to avoid crippling guilt.

There is no doubt that abortion is the destruction of a human life.  Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman of the Department of Genetics at the Mayo Clinic has stated, “By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”  And Dr. Maureen Condic has stated plainly, “the scientific evidence supports the conclusion that a zygote is a human organism and that the life of a new human being commences at a well defined ‘moment of conception.”  This conclusion is objective, consistent with the factual evidence, and independent of any specific ethical, moral, political, or religious view of human life or of human embryos.”

Canadian elites however have consistently rejected scientific and moral reality.  In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada in a radical interpretation of the legally befuddled Canadian Charter (1982), argued that unrestricted abortion should be allowed in the name of protection for ‘life, liberty and security of person,’ advancing a long line of perverse and absurd court rulings that have enshrined immorality and evil as moral virtue and justice in our land.  This is not to say that only the courts are to blame.  In Quebec, juries kept acquitting the notorious Henry Morgentaler for his flagrant violations of the law in murdering unborn babies, till the courts finally decided they could not uphold laws where juries would not convict.

In a continuation of this social madness, last week political idiocy and evil reached new heights in Canada, when Justin Trudeau declared abortion to be a “fundamental right” that would be part of his Liberal party, “global maternal health” strategy, which is no more than a euphemism for killing unborn children.  He has also recently announced that no one hoping to run for the Liberal party can be pro-life.  All candidates are and will be screened to ensure that they conform to a pro-abortion position, and all this has been done explicitly in the name of “democracy” and as a position of moral principle.   Under incisive questioning by Sun News reporter Marissa Semkiw, he flatly refused to condemn even the sex-selective abortion of baby girls, a gendercide growing in the West.

Thus we are now being told by a possible Prime Minister in waiting, and leader of the Liberal Party, that the killing of the unborn is a moral principle that should be universalized as a right, in the name of democracy.  Even an elementary understanding of what it is supposed to mean to be liberal and democratic is now completely missing in much political life and many don’t even seem to notice.  The Western development of democracy in Christendom was predicated upon the idea that the individuals and families of any society or nation, as creatures made in God’s image under his sovereign authority, had a certain fundamental and inalienable (because God-given) worth and dignity, and as such ought to be governed at the human level by their consent as free men, not by arbitrary power, which is tyranny.  In parliamentary democracies like our own in the British tradition and congressional republics like the United States, this was accomplished through representative government whereby the people participate in the election of the officials who will “minister” or serve as the differentiated public in civil government.  The idea was that these elected officials would represent their community and minister or serve at the public’s pleasure. 

Trudeau and his ilk appear to have lost sight of this basic reality.  Political life is clearly no longer about service and the representation of community, but naked power.  This is seen in that today, at least 60% of Canadians want some kind of law restricting abortion, yet these leaders and bureaucrats totally disregard the actual views of the people and in the name of democracy act as though the democratic principle of government is dead.  Likewise Parliament often refuses to even debate the issues and leaves unelected justices indoctrinated with culturally Marxist perspectives in the courts to decide on moral reality.  Modern political progressivism is thus governed, not by the ideals of representative government, but by the notion of Nietzsche’s new nobility; an oligarchy in which a small “intellectual” elite will rule all the “plebs” and tell us what is good for us, redefining right and wrong as they see fit.

But such folly and ignorance is not just seen in the flagrant abuse of the term democracy, but also in the misappropriation of the term liberal.  The word liberal comes from the Latin liber, meaning freedom, or liberty.  The core ideas of original political liberalism concerned the political practices that protect individual liberty.  Yet Trudeau’s insistence that all candidating within his party must support the murder of the unborn rather than act on conscience and moral conviction as elected representatives of their community, called to serve the concerns of constituents, is a totalitarian, not a liberal attitude.  In fact, his position is both absurd and idiotic when allegedly set forth as a manifestation of liberal democracy as historically understood.

Such men are in the grip of a great lie: a rationalization of sin that is uninterested in the questions of truth, legitimacy or even rationality.  Power is what matters, a power required to assert and rationalize the will of the new nobility who are far less rational or moral than the old.  If people are to knowingly live amidst and promote flagrant evil, such as the murder of unborn children, the most vulnerable human beings in our society, that evil must be rationalized and justified. Such ceaseless transgression of moral reality would bring crippling guilt to the functioning conscience unless it is effectively justified to the individuals who wish to practice it and the culture that endorses it.  The justification of sin requires a powerful rationalization in which the culture must be complicit in order for the lie to hold and the rationalization be secure, providing a guaranteed space for the evil to continue.  Thus, the courts declare abortion a ‘protection of life, liberty and security of person;’ politicians declare it ‘a universal right’ and matter of ‘moral principle;’ and bureaucrats draw up murderous policy in the name of ‘maternal health care.’  In such a world death is life, life is death, white is black and black is white.  Man’s will to power alone will appoint the “truth” of the moment in an existential age, and nothing else is relevant.  That new truth, that sin is virtue, will then be rationalized, standardized and enforced to effect a lawless “justification.”  The end result for the culture, good is evil and evil is good.  As a consequence, those who would defend life are evildoers opposed to freedom, health and democracy.  Naturally such people are unfit to run for political office according to Trudeau’s Liberal Party.  By such an inversion of moral reality, man believes he has justified his sin, by forcing the social order to assent to the evil, legally secured by cowards in gowns with gavels declaring their perverse justice.  Only the words of Isaiah 5:20-24 are adequate for such malignant evil and self-righteous profanity:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter…Which justify the wicked for reward and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!   Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. 


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