May 12, 2017

News Update: A Week at the Christian Legal Institute

Updates and reflections from the Christian Legal Institute of 2017.

On May 1-5, 2017, EICC Founder Dr. Joe Boot and Steven Martins were in London, Ontario at the Christian Legal Institute, which the EICC has co-sponsored for several years, providing theological and philosophical training to law students, young lawyers, and other members of the judiciary. The CLI is a week-long training and membership program primarily designed to equip legal students and professionals to understand, articulate and defend a robust biblical worldview within their vocations.

This annual event takes place the first week of May, and is organized by the Christian Legal Fellowship, in alliance with the EICC which helps provide the scriptural, philosophical foundation for the program. The lead faculty of the program includes Derek B.M. Ross, LL.B., LL.M. and Ruth Ross of the CLF, Dr. Jeffrey Ventrella of Alliance Defending Freedom, who is also an EICC Fellow, André Schutten of ARPA, and Dr. Joe Boot of the EICC.

Joe taught several sessions covering the contemporary relevance of biblical law, the foundations of freedom in the doctrine of Christ, the relationship of Christ with culture, and the Christian political task. Steven contributed student mentorship and teaching on the biblical perspectives regarding polygamy and prostitution in light of the current legal challenges in the Canadian judicial system.

Students had the following to say about the week:

The first thing that struck me was how my worldview assumptions can affect what I’m learning and how I practice law. It was eye-opening.

I’ve had to question my presuppositions, my principles… it was very challenging at a spiritual and intellectual level, but it was very edifying.

The faculty were top-class, they taught with clarity about the scope and extent of the gospel. It helped me view law from a distinctly Christian perspective.  

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