May 5, 2017

News Update: Joe Boot in the UK

Updates and reflections from Joe Boot's recent UK visit

EICC Founder, Dr. Joe Boot, recently returned from a speaking trip to the UK that proved to be a productive and encouraging time of edification for Christians. Joe’s first event was the ‘Our God Reigns Conference in North London hosted by Emmanuel Church and Christian Concern on April 22nd.  Joe spoke on the scope of the gospel and its implications for the covenantal institutions of the family, church and state.  The event was well attended by thinking Christians, leaders from diverse backgrounds including faculty from significant colleges.  Joe’s major work, the Mission of God sold out at the event.  The audio of the lectures will soon be posted.

Joe’s second opportunity was at the Royal Theatre in Windsor for King’s Church International on April 23rd, which had over 500 attendants. Speaking on the ‘Hope of the Gospel,’ many were impacted including significant young leaders involved in local government who met with Joe over lunch for further discussion.

The third event took place near Reading on April 26th, which was a gathering of four Anglican churches involved in a church planting network. Here Joe spoke on the challenges facing the church in the West followed by a powerful time of question and answer.

As several attendants had remarked at the different events:

“Thank you for this great conference!”

“Loved the speaker this year, Joe was very animated!”

“This was an encouraging, welcoming atmosphere. A great conference.”

Aside from these speaking opportunities, Joe had meetings with staff from Christian Concern in London and faculty from prominent theological colleges in pursuing the future development of the Wilberforce Academy event at Cambridge in September. We thank all those who have been supporting the work of the Institute and praying for our staff as we work locally, nationally and internationally.

For pictures of Joe's Trip, you can visit our official Facebook Page.

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