February 7, 2024

Part III: Responding to Attacks on the Family

In this episode, Joe, Michael, and Nate continue their discussion around Allistair Begg’s recent controversial advice to a grandmother about attending a queer wedding and his recent sermon defending his advice.

Episode Resources:
Responding to Attacks on the Family – PART 1: https://www.ezrainstitute.com/resource-library/podcast/responding-to-attacks-on-the-family/;
Responding to Attacks on the Family – PART 2:

Allistair Begg’s Original Comments: https://youtu.be/rXDYYPLwgYE?si=B0XrmelFb6BH6VC9&t=1726.
Allistair Begg’s Sermon, “Compassion vs. Condemnation”: https://www.truthforlife.org/resources/sermon/compassion-vs-condemnation/.

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