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Jeffery Ventrella


What Can we Learn from Unbelievers?

by Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot and P. Andrew Sandlin and Ryan Eras

March 15, 2019

 Is it intellectually stifling to insist that knowledge and wisdom have to conform to God's revelation? How do we cultivate a godly intellectual humility? In the providence of God, unbelieving image-bearers can discover many true things about the world, but they have to assume Christian perspectives to properly account for them.

Syncretism, Natural Law and Pagan Wisdom

by Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot and P. Andrew Sandlin and Ryan Eras

March 11, 2019

What does it mean to claim to be biblical, and what is the and grounds for wisdom? In a time where the root of authority is hotly debated, God's Word reminds us that reason is a tool, not a judge.


What’s a Christian to do with Natural Law?

by Jeffery Ventrella and P. Andrew Sandlin and Ryan Eras

March 1, 2019

Jeff Ventrella and Andrew Sandlin discuss natural law theory and natural theology, highlighting what man is for, how we should live, and the proper role of reason in relation to the written Word of God. In every human activity, there is an assumed worldview, and therefore an assumed cosmology.


What Pro Sports tells us about Culture

by Jeffery Ventrella and Ryan Eras

February 1, 2019

Jeffery Ventrella explains the biblical understanding of sports and competition, and role that they play in culture.


An Introduction to Worldview

by Jeffery Ventrella

November 2, 2018

Jeffery Ventrella unpacks the concept of worldview, explaining how a person’s network of beliefs influences the way they understand and approach the world and every area of life.


Who do you Say that I Am?

by Jeffery Ventrella

July 10, 2018 | John 14:6

Language is given by God, to be used in conveying truth. Preferred personal pronouns seek to undermine God’s created reality and affirms sin and rebellion.


Social Justice (Part 2)

by George Grant and Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot and Ryan Eras and Scott Masson

March 5, 2015

Social Justice  – properly understood in light of the Word of God – is indispensable to the Christian. It is a reflection of the social nature of the Triune God, and is to be pursued in every area of our lives.

(Social Justice Part 1)


Law and Gospel (Part 2)

by David Robinson and Jeffery Ventrella and Jennifer Forbes and Joe Boot and Ryan Eras

December 1, 2012

God's law and God's gospel work together for our salvation and sanctification. We are not simply ignorant; we are the dead brought to life – convicted and executed under the law, and raised to new life by the gospel.

Law and Gospel Vol. 1


Law and Gospel (Part 1)

by Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot and Michael Haykin and Ruth Ross and Ryan Eras

October 1, 2012

God's law is a reflection of His holiness and character, and it has specific and enduring purposes in the function of God's economy.

Law and Gospel Vol. 2


Living in Sin…Well

by Jeffery Ventrella

November 12, 2011

How to live in Babylon: Look Up, Look Out, and Look Forward.


The Greatness of the Great Commission

by Jeffery Ventrella

November 12, 2011

Jesus is King and He's not running for re-election. Furthermore, as King He has commissioned His subjects to a great work, a work beyond "saving souls."


Christ and Culture Q & A Session

by Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot

November 12, 2011

HTSWA 2011 conference Q and A session with Joe Boot and Jeffery Ventrella.