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Josh Howard


How to Win the World, Part 1: Believe It’s Winnable with Dr. Josh Howard

by Josh Howard and Nate Wright

June 3, 2024

The Ezra Institute brings you a new series with the Rebels when P Nate and Pootie are joined by a variety of guests talking about several key practical outworkings of theological concepts that will help Christians expand the Kingdom of God, see the dark pushed back, and slowly (like leaven working through the loaf) win the world.

This episode P Nate is joined by pastor/ author Dr. Josh Howard, who hosts the Eschatology Matters podcast, to discuss step one to saving the world… believing this world can actually be won!


How to Win the World: A NEW Rebel Podcast Series

by Chris Pootie and Doug Wilson and Joe Boot and Jor Rigney and Josh Howard and Nate Wright and Rachel Jankovic and Toby Sumpter

May 29, 2024

Tune in starting June 03, 2024, to the Rebel Podcast for Cultural Engagement’s NEW series: How to Win the World ft. Dr. Joe Boot, Doug Wilson, Toby Sumpter, Joe Rigney, Rachel Jankovic and many more! Be sure to share, and if you have not yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell…