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Michael Thiessen


Church and State Updates in Alberta w/ Mike Thiessen

by Michael Thiessen and Ryan Eras

September 13, 2023

Michael Thiessen discusses the recent Crown decision to withdraw charges against Alberta pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens, as well as some other pending legal cases on the question of the relation of church and state. The cases represent victories, but Mike explains why much more advocacy needs to be done at the constitutional level to bring a truly meaningful level of legal protection for religious freedom in Canada.


Live Audience Q&A at Worldview Leadership Academy

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nate Wright and Ryan Eras

August 2, 2023

In this episode, faculty answer questions from students at the Worldview Leadership Academy. We deal with the charge of Christianity’s closed-mindedness, whether you can idolize the Bible, apologetics and evangelism, lying to the Nazis, whether you can lose your salvation, and more. Audio quality improves around the 15-minute mark! Get Joe Boot’s classic work of…


Christian Combat w/Michael Thiessen

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Ryan Eras

July 26, 2023

Michael Thiessen of joins us on this episode to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing saga of the church’s relationship to LGBT issues, and the further complication of what happens when the state gets involved. We deal with news stories, citizenship, charity law, and the prophetic calling of the church.


CBC Discovers Top Secret Fundamentalist Plot

by Aaron Rock and Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Ryan Eras

June 7, 2023

Joe Boot is joined this week by Ezra Institute Fellows Aaron Rock and Michael Thiessen to discuss the recent CBC investigation which identifies our churches and ministries, as well as those of several others, as leading efforts at godly cultural reformation in Canada.


The Third Commandment: You Shall Not take the Name of the Lord in Vain

by Michael Thiessen and Ryan Eras

February 15, 2023

In this episode Ezra Institute Fellow Michael Thiessen discusses what it means to take the name of the Lord, both rightly and wrongly, in the church, in politics, and in any other sphere. We also talk about the nature of oaths and authority, the Sermon on the Mount, what it means for something to be damned by God, and door-to-door sales. NOTE: we do not use language flippantly, but this episode contains language that parents may not want your children to hear.


Biblical Sexuality Sermons

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

January 12, 2022

As Canada faces a legal context that is increasingly hostile to Christian belief and practice, the church has an opportunity and an obligation to speak prophetically to our civil authorities, reminding them that they are ministers under authority of Jesus Christ, the Ruler of the kings of the earth.


Apologetics, Politics and Sphere Sovereignty

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

March 10, 2021

Apologetics includes a defense of the Christian philosophy of life. Michael Thiessen of the Liberty Coalition Canada joins us to discuss an apologetic for the limits on the authority of the state and the ultimate authority of the kingdom of God that only a Christian worldview can account for.


Authority and Civil Disobedience

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

December 16, 2020

What constitutes “civil disobedience”? Is it ever an option for God’s people?


Sin Makes Men Cowards

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

December 2, 2020

Reflecting on the public worship protests of last weekend, we consider the nature of Charter freedoms, the lesser magistrate, and ‘civil disobedience.’ The use of fear has been a significant factor as unelected officials pursue policies that are especially damaging to the working class.


On the Church

by David Robinson and Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and P. Andrew Sandlin and Ryan Eras

February 21, 2020

The church has a significant, but not ultimate, role to play in the life of the believer, in the culture, and in the Kingdom of God.


Marriage Matters

by Michael Thiessen

April 12, 2019

Rev. Michael Thiessen addresses the issue of the family as a foundational institution of society and our Christian responsibility to respond to the identified crisis of our hemorrhaging faith.


The Idolatry of the Family

by Michael Thiessen and Ryan Eras

February 15, 2019 | Mark 3:20-34

Michael Thiessen discusses the place and duty of the family in the broader mission of the church and the Kingdom of God.

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