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Steven Martins


The Cultural Mandate

by Joe Boot and Ryan Eras and Steven Martins

January 15, 2018

The word culture has been used in wildly different ways. What do we actually mean by culture? Is culture something that just happens for most of us, or do we all have some level of responsibility for what our culture looks like?


Why do we Celebrate the Reformation?

by Joe Boot and Steven Martins

October 31, 2017

The Protestant Reformation helped to recover a biblical understanding of personal, church, and political liberty.


The Comprehensive Faith of Pierre Viret

by Steven Martins

October 23, 2017

Pierre Viret's vision, as derived from his Christian Instruction and faithful to the spirit of the Reformation, was to recover biblical foundations for our time, to help further the church in its task of advancing God's kingdom on earth and proclaiming the total sovereignty of God's Word.


The Promise of the Gospel

by Steven Martins

August 1, 2017 | Mark 7:24-8:21

The gospel's promise of renewal and restoration is not limited to our private experience but applies to the whole created order, this includes culture.

View the full sermon 'The Healing of Nations'


Canada’s 150th

by Andre Schutten and Joe Boot and Michael Wagner and Ryan Eras and Steven Martins

June 26, 2017

A godly, rightly-ordered sense of patriotism is one mark of rightly-ordered affections. As Canadians celebrate our sesquicentennial, let us do so in a spirit of full and everlasting joy, knowing that Canada, like all nations and kingdoms, is under the righteous rule of King Jesus.


Bill C-16, Bill 89 and the Illusion of Reality

by Steven Martins

June 24, 2017 | Isaiah 5:20-21

Canadian Christians cannot accommodate the government's new speech codes recently made law; we must confront these man-made delusions with the truth and beauty of Jesus and humble ourselves under His righteous rule.


Understanding Virtual Reality

by Steven Martins

April 28, 2017

Virtual Reality technology is positioning itself as the next frontier in technology, across a range of industries. How do we understand this technology as a cultural product, with its attendant risks and advantages?


The Faith of William Wilberforce

by Joe Boot and Steven Martins

February 15, 2017

It isn't possible to separate Wilberforce's faith from his career in public office. His tireless campaigning against slavery was a direct result of his Christian belief that man is made in the image of God and that life matters.


What the Anti-Islamophobia Motion Really Means

by Steven Martins

February 10, 2017

The Canadian House of Commons recently gave unanimous approval to an anti-Islamophobia Motion. What does this mean for freedom, justice and society?


The Example of William Wilberforce

by Joe Boot and Steven Martins

February 6, 2017

Christians called to public office have a responsibility to be true salt and light in their position; social policy is reflective of social norms, and if we will not uphold a biblical standard for a just society, we will inevitably uphold an anti-biblical standard.


Do Black Lives Really Matter?

by Joe Boot and Steven Martins

January 18, 2017

Contemporary social justice movements like Black Lives Matter operate on a problematic and dangerous understanding of the nature of justice.


The Healing of Nations

by Steven Martins

January 1, 2017 | Mark 7:24-8:21

When Jesus visits the region of Tyre and Sidon in Mark 7 and 8 he goes from being in the midst of the Jews to being in the midst of the Gentiles. This is the foreshadowing of the future mission to the Gentiles and the anticipated renewal of Creation subject to our Lord Jesus Christ.