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Tobias Riemenschneider


Our Present Culture of Death

by Ryan Eras and Tobias Riemenschneider

November 1, 2023

On this Reformation Day, Tobias Riemenschneider joins us from Germany to discuss the West’s death-loving culture, expressed in the horror of abortion. He explains how the wide-scale support for state-sponsored abortion is upstream from so many other forms of murder, euthanasia, the harm that it causes to women, and the folly of referring to abortion as a human right.


Resisting Tyranny w/ Tobias Riemenschneider

by Ryan Eras and Tobias Riemenschneider

May 24, 2023

Pastor Tobias Riemenschneider discusses the church’s responsibility to its people and to the state, explains why he was prompted to draft the Frankfurt Declaration of Church and Civil Liberties, and how our response to Covid-related restrictions is training us for the next cultural and worldview crisis related to trans gender identity.