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Two Kingdoms and Cultural Obedience

By Joe Boot, Matthew Tuininga/ May 13, 2016

Series  Apologetics Debates

Context  Public Debates

Topic  Theology

Joe Boot and Matthew Tuininga discuss the origins and nature of the Two Kingdoms doctrine and what it means for Christians’ engagement with the world and culture.

What is the doctrine of Two Kingdoms? What is the nature of Jesus’ reign over the world and His church? What kind of relationship should Christians have with culture? And how much success can we expect for the work of the gospel in society?
0:00:00 – Welcome and Introduction of Dr. Matthew Tuininga: Arnold Viersen
0:03:03 – First Address: Dr. Matthew Tuininga
0:41:56 – Introduction of Dr. Joe Boot: Arnold Viersen
0:42:57 – Second Address: Dr. Joe Boot
1:27:53 – Dialogue between Dr. Matthew Tuininga & Dr. Joe Boot, moderated by Arnold Viersen
1:51:43 – Response and Audience Engagement: Dr. Matthew Tuininga, Dr. Joe Boot
1:59:05 – Closing statement – Dr. Joe Boot
2:05:44 – Closing statement – Dr. Matthew Tuininga