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Public Debates


Two Kingdoms and Cultural Obedience

by Joe Boot and Matthew Tuininga

May 13, 2016

Joe Boot and Matthew Tuininga discuss the origins and nature of the Two Kingdoms doctrine and what it means for Christians’ engagement with the world and culture.


What Does it Mean to be Human?

by Steven Martins

April 8, 2016

Christianity is not humanistic. Man is not the author of his own salvation, but depends on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Man's job is to cultivate the creation of God while we extend the Kingdom of God. Learn about some of the key differences in the teaching of Christianity and Islam with regard to original sin, justice, salvation, atonement, redemption and eschatology

The Great Debate: Does God Exist?

by Joe Boot

January 20, 2010

Joe Boot debates the question, Does God Exist? with atheist, Dr. S. Clare Rowson at the Cobourg Community Centre, January, 2010.