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What Does it Mean to be Human?

by Steven Martins

April 8, 2016

Christianity is not humanistic. Man is not the author of his own salvation, but depends on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Man's job is to cultivate the creation of God while we extend the Kingdom of God. Learn about some of the key differences in the teaching of Christianity and Islam with regard to original sin, justice, salvation, atonement, redemption and eschatology

The Incarnation and its Implications

by Steven Martins

February 18, 2016 | Matthew 1:18-25

What does the incarnation of Jesus Christ mean? The historic nature of Christianity makes it a unique, real and living faith, over against materialist or spiritual heresies.


Uncovering the Truth about Jihad in Islam

by Steven Martins

October 30, 2015

Where do jihadists find the support for their convictions and terrorist actions? How do we understand the popular refrain that Islam is a religion of peace?