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Leadership Roundtable


Jesus is King of the Nations

by Douglas Wilson

June 10, 2019

Rev. Douglas Wilson discusses our contemporary "empires of dirt" –  the self-destructing strategy of secularism – and the way forward as Christian leaders in calling our nation back to Jesus Christ.


Marriage Matters

by Michael Thiessen

April 12, 2019

Rev. Michael Thiessen addresses the issue of the family as a foundational institution of society and our Christian responsibility to respond to the identified crisis of our hemorrhaging faith.


The Mystery of Man

by Joe Boot

December 10, 2018

The biblical vision of the human person is based on the all-powerful Word of Jesus Christ, and cannot be synthesized or compromised with evolutionary thought.


Worldview, Pagan Revival, and Pagan Sexuality

by Peter Jones

July 19, 2018

Peter Jones demonstrates the wide gulf between the Christian and non-Christian worldview, and the implications they each have for sexuality.


The Art of What is Possible

by Andre Schutten

November 13, 2015

Politics has been described as "the art of what is possible." We consider how Christians can and should engage in the political arena on the issues of human trafficking and prostitution, abortion, euthanasia.

Wisdom and Government

by Joe Boot

November 13, 2015

What does God's word have to say about our livelihoods, families, neighborhoods and nations? What place does Scripture have in the public sphere, and how does it relate to the government of nations?


The Truth Decay of Public Sex Education

by Scott Masson

April 22, 2015

At the heart of Ontario’s radical new sex-ed curriculum is the false belief in human autonomy and the perverse claim that children raise themselves. We may deny the reality of sin, but without Christ, can never truly free ourselves from the sense of guilt that accompanies it.


The Gospel and Education

by Joe Boot

April 22, 2015

The foundation of true education is the truth that man, though fallen and sinful, is made in the image of God the creator and king. Education is a core implication of the gospel truth that Jesus Christ is Lord over all the earth. 


Wealth Inequality and a Clash of Theologies

by Brian Mattson

October 15, 2014

Dr. Brian Mattson critiques the Marxist economic theories of Thomas Piketty, and demonstrates that the human problem is not wealth inequality, but sin.


Jubilee and Atonement

by Joe Boot

October 15, 2014

Joe Boot exposes and critiques Brian Walsh's false view of Jubilee and the doctrine of the Atonement. Rather than radical equality, true liberty is the truth that God in Christ has forgiven our insurmountable debt to sin.


Social Justice: A History

by Scott Masson

August 19, 2014

Scott Masson gives a historical overview of how the philosophy behind the social justice movement developed in the west and now manifests itself in our culture.


Social Justice

by Joe Boot

August 19, 2014

Joe Boot unpacks some contemporary notions of social justice and contrasts them with a Biblical understanding of justice.