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Biblical Legitimacy and Sharing His Holiness

By David Robinson/ September 29, 2013

Series  Hebrews and the High Priesthood

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Hebrews 12:1-11

Earthly fathers are imperfect, but God's discipline is always appropriate and it is for our good.

Scripture:  Hebrews 12:1-11

Sermon Notes:

  1. In Hebrews 11, the faithful obedience and suffering of the saints still speaks to us. Despite their suffering these saints had hope of resurrection and God’s reward.
  2. We too are called to suffer.  Living by faith involves personal sacrifice and obedience.
  3. We run with our eyes fixed on Jesus who suffered before us and received His reward at the right hand of God. 
  4. Christ is now bringing many sons to glory (Heb. 2:10).
  5. We are to lay aside sins and distractions in the race of faith.
  6. The weights that we are to lay aside are not necessarily sinful in and of themselves, but they may be hindering us.
  7. We are to set aside “close” sins that are hard for us to identify.  As we run the race of faith in the body of Christ, we are to encourage, exhort, and admonish one another.
  8. We need to be concerned and assertive while our demeanour is gracious and gentle in identifying others’ sin. 
  9. We also need to willingly receive admonition from others.
  10. We’re to look away from all other things and look to Jesus.
  11. Jesus made purification for sin, defeating sin, death and Satan.  Jesus is resting in that glory as He brings many sons to glory. 
  12. The victory of the race has already been won.
  13. We look to Jesus so that we may not grow weary or faint hearted.
  14. The race toward glory is agony; it leads us along the way of suffering through the cross.
  15. Christ is an example for us in suffering (1 Peter 2:21).
  16. We experience discipline as the Spirit of God applies His Word to our lives.  This occurs primarily through pastors and teachers, and to a lesser extent in our bible reading.
  17. More mysteriously, we experience tribulation and trials as a part of His discipline.
  18. We also struggle against sin in our lives, as an aspect of God’s discipline (Romans 8:23).
  19. The experience of God’s discipline assures us of our identity as God’s sons.
  20. We must not ignore our Lord’s discipline or merely bear it stoically; nor should we give in to despair under discipline.
  21. We are to submit to God’s discipline and learn humble obedience.
  22. Earthly fathers are imperfect, but God’s discipline is always appropriate and it is for our good.
  23. God is making us holy so that we will conform to His holy character.  The Holy Spirit is the One who makes us holy.
  24. The kingdom of God is about righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17), and this is the fruit of God’s discipline.
  25. The discipline of God should become a source of comfort for the believer (Psalm 23).

Application Questions:

  1. What does it mean to fix our eyes on Jesus as we face life’s trials?
  2. What are some “weights” in our lives that we can discard to run the race of faith?
  3. Do I have people in my life who provide admonition when I am blind to my “close” sins? 
  4. How should we understand trials, tribulations and struggles with sin in our lives?
  5. List several means God uses to discipline us.
  6. What is the goal of God’s discipline in our lives?
  7. How should we respond to God’s discipline in our lives?

Sermon Notes