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Do Not Fear, Only Believe

By David Robinson/ October 30, 2016

Series  Mark: The King and His Kingdom

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Mark 5:21-6:6

Though we encounter death, we do not need to fear when Jesus is with us. Resurrection is part of the mystery of the kingdom of God which Jesus is revealing.

Scripture:  Mark 5:21-6:6

Sermon Notes:

  1. In the gruesome décor of Halloween, our culture is giving a tacit recognition that we live in a world of death and blood and suffering.
  2. Mark's gospel is usually more concise relative to Matthew and John. But here Mark spends more time than the other gospel writers on these events (cf. Luke 8:22-56).
  3. Mark sets up three scenes: meeting Jairus; healing the woman; and going with Jairus and healing the girl. 
  4.  Jesus is a man of power and authority, as demonstrated by the healing and rescue events in Mark’s gospel.
  5. The effect of Jesus’ presence in the unclean gentile region was to cleanse it, restoring a demon-possessed man.
  6. As a ruler of the synagogue, Jairus risked persecution and ostracism by pleading for Jesus to help his daughter.
  7. The ritually unclean woman was desperate for a cure, and touched Jesus’ garment.
  8. Jesus knew power had gone out of him at the woman’s touch. This is an intimate moment. But Jesus is not some magic charm you can touch. When Jesus calls her she comes trembling (Mark 5:33).
  9. Salvation came to the woman when Christ called out to her, calling her daughter.
  10. The woman’s story demonstrates the heart of God for the lost; we need to ensure that we likewise demonstrate the love of God for the lost.
  11. Jesus’ power is cleansing power. He is not made unclean, rather she is made clean. This anticipates what Christ will do on the cross. At the cross all His power is extended, he lays down His life. He bleeds, and by His blood we are cleansed. 
  12. In her full confession, this woman models true faith and repentance, which does not compromise in the face of an unfriendly crowd.
  13. Jesus commands Jairus not to fear but to trust Him as they enter the house with mourners.
  14. Though we encounter death, we do not need to fear when Jesus is with us (cf. Ps. 23:4).
  15. Without hesitation Jesus touches the unclean body of the girl, the dead girl hears the voice of Jesus, and she walks.
  16. Jesus charges the family and those present not to tell anyone what happened.
  17. This resurrection is part of the mystery of the kingdom, which Jesus is revealing to His disciples. To those outside the kingdom everything is given in parables (Mark 4:11; 5:43).
  18. The healing presence of Jesus brings hope in the most hopeless situations.
  19. Jesus brings a message of hope and life that we are to bring with us as we go out into the city.

Application Questions:

  1. What are the attributes of Jesus’ ministry as seen in this passage?
  2. Why did Jairus and others face persecution for their association with Jesus?
  3. Do we have a heart of compassion toward those in need?
  4. How can we demonstrate compassion to those in need this week?
  5. What service opportunities is the Lord opening up for me?