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Everlasting Joy

By Joe Boot/ December 11, 2016

Series  Advent 2016: The Royal Gift

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Mission Of God

Scripture  Psalms 8

In Christ our human nature has been redeemed, we are restored in fellowship with God, and we have received a calling and purpose. We find everlasting joy in our relationship with the King.

Scripture:  Psalm 8

Sermon Notes:

  1. Through the angels God announced great joy for all people (Lk. 2:10-11).
  2. This joy is much more than superficial happiness; it is based on God satisfying the deepest longings of the soul.
  3. It was foretold that Jesus would have a kingdom without end (Lk. 1:31-33), and so we sing in the Carol, “Let earth receive her King.”
  4. Psalm 8 is a Christmas text because it speaks of the reign and rule of the God-man Jesus.
  5. The coming of Jesus is good news because due to the entrance of sin into the world, our created state and communion with God have both been broken.
  6. We all need a Saviour because we have worshipped the creation rather than the Creator.
  7. We have lived a lie thinking we can be our own gods, and this has lead to frustration and anger, which leads to self-pity and resentment toward God and others.
  8. The salvation Christ has to offer is from sin into wholeness and victory; this is the root of our cause for joy today.
  9. So we can be restored to our position as kings and queens in fellowship with God.
  10. In the singing of children the victory of God is declared.
  11. To those who would try to silence the children, Jesus quotes Psalm 8 where we read that God ordains their praise (Matt. 21:15-16).
  12. In our fallen state we are lower than angels. But the sons of Adam and Eve will again be crowned with glory and honour (Heb. 5:9-10).
  13. Jesus is Lord into whose hands has been given all dominion.
  14. We are invited in Christ to be His body, His people. Today if we are covered by Christ’s blood we have access to the holy presence of God.
  15. Only though Christ do we discover what a human being is. He is the head of a new race of mankind and He calls each of us to be part of His kingdom.
  16. God’s name is exalted over all and we now share in the glory and reality of who Jesus really is.
  17. In Christ our human nature has been redeemed, we are restored to fellowship with God, and we now have a calling and purpose.
  18. To be a Christian is to be fully satisfied in our relationship with the King.

Application Questions:

  1. How is Psalm 8 related to advent season?
  2. Why does the world fail to enter into lasting joy despite all the partying?
  3. How can we enter into the everlasting Joy of God?
  4. What is our calling and purpose as God’s redeemed humanity?