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Faith and Victory

By Joe Boot/ September 22, 2013

Series  Hebrews and the High Priesthood

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Mission Of God

Scripture  Hebrews 11:30-40

Though incomplete and imperfect, we know that our faith is used by God to accomplish His purposes.

Scripture:  Hebrews 11:30-40

Sermon Notes:

  1. The people of faith in the Old Testament were not unlike us; they too were subject to weakness and failure.
  2. True faith trusts God and His Word in the face of challenges, and accomplishes His purposes.
  3. Despite all her sins, Rahab was a woman of faith. 
  4. Great heroes of the faith, such as Gideon, Samson, Barack, Jephtha, Samuel, David, and Elijah, also failed in their weakness.
  5. Though incomplete and imperfect, we know that our faith is used by God to accomplish His purposes.
  6. There are times when we are discouraged by the success of the wicked (Psalm 73).
  7. Perfectionism is a false teaching; all of God’s saints struggle with sin.
  8. Temptation can overcome us; the life of faith is hard and tiring, yet the Lord promises His reward.
  9. Despite their failings, through faith heroes of faith clung onto God in the final analysis.
  10. These people of faith accomplished great things for justice, mercy, the people of God, and God’s glory.
  11. David slew Goliath.  Samson prayed for strength pull the pillars down. 
  12. Faith is not the result of God changing my circumstances; it is to trust God despite seemingly hopeless challenges.
  13. Faith is not an entitlement to earthly reward. 
  14. We are to cling to God’s Word and His call upon us in spite of all trials, torments and affliction. 
  15. Whatever God may call us to, we bear the shield of faith.
  16. The character of God warrants trust in His Word.
  17. The resurrection life and power of God at work within us enables us to do acts of faith.
  18. Whatever our trials or circumstances we are able to say that God is good.
  19. The Psalmist reflects on the end of his enemies.  God is the strength of my heart forever (Psalm 73:26-28).
  20. Our obedience manifests our trust in God in every trial.
  21. Through faith out of weakness God’s saints are made strong to face their circumstances.
  22. Deeds done in the Spirit in obedience to Christ are seeds of endless blessedness. – A. W. Tozer
  23. Hebrews is a mandate to Christian action; we are to subdue nations under the gospel.
  24. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Application Questions:

  1. Are our lives of faith essentially different than those of the OT saints?  In what respects are we the same?
  2. What is the basis of our trust in God’s Word?
  3. Why would God choose to work through heroes of faith who display great weaknesses and failures?
  4. Why did the men and women of faith accept trials with confidence?
  5. Is my confidence in God and His Word?  Or is it in myself?
  6. What might be the sacrifices we must make to live by faith this week, this year, in our lifetimes?
  7. How can we be empowered to live by faith?
  8. What is the victory and reward promised for people of faith?

Sermon Notes