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Godly Relationships

By Joe Boot/ April 12, 2015

Series  Genesis 1-11: Creation, Covenant and Culture

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Marriage

Scripture  Genesis 6:1-4

God calls us to nurture godly marriages, relationships, families, and communities that we might glorify God and fulfill His kingdom purposes for our lives.

Scripture:  Genesis 6:1-4

Sermon Notes:

  1. To understand the Bible it is helpful to remember that there are two lines descended from Adam, typified in the rebellious line of Cain and the covenant-keeping sons of Seth.
  2. The phrase “Sons of Elohim” can refer to fallen angels, but not in this context: a) angels do not marry; b) only one mss. reflects an angelic interpretation; c) angels are spiritual beings; and d) the human race was judged for this sin, not angels.
  3. Such mythic interpretations need to be abandoned as pagan in origin.
  4. “Sons of God” is an early but typical reference of men of authority who were judges or dynastic rulers (cf. Ex. 21:6; 22:7-8; Ps. 82:1,6; 2 Sam. 7:14; 1Chr. 17:13).
  5. God’s intention for marriage was being broken by the Sethites in lawless and polygamous marriage.
  6. The Nephilim were giants, mighty men of strength and power (cf. Num. 13:33).
  7. By marrying into the rebellious line of Cain, the Sethites became corrupt, and brought about God’s judgment.
  8. All Seth’s descendants except Noah’s family perished in God’s judgment in the flood.
  9. When God removes His Spirit, a culture moves toward destruction at break-neck speed (cf. Rom. 1:18-32).
  10. God announces that His judgment will come in 120 years.
  11. Christians need to marry wisely and beware the dangers of mixed relationships (cf. Deut. 7:3).
  12. Both godliness and physical attraction are important factors in choosing a marriage partner.
  13. Beauty is fading but godly character grows more beautiful with the years.
  14. To introduce a religious division in the foundation of the family is to risk the marriage and therefore society itself.
  15. With an unequal yoking, it is hard to plow in the same direction (2 Cor. 6:14).
  16. Cleanness is not contagious, but uncleanness is (Hag. 2:11-14).  Redemption and cleansing is a gift from God, while sin and evil pollute.
  17. It is an act of presumption to marry someone with a view to converting them to Christian faith: only God can change a sinner’s heart.
  18. Being married to the wrong person, who is opposed to Christ, can mean years of sadness and frustration.
  19. The end of all rebellion is judgment; the end of God’s discipline upon His children is the peaceable fruit of righteousness (Heb. 12:5-11).
  20. If our age does not repent, we too will be judged.
  21. Let us be faithful in nurturing godly marriages, relationships, families, and communities that we might glorify God and fulfill His kingdom purposes for our lives.

Application Questions:

  1. Who were the sons of God? In what ways did they stray from God's order?
  2. What are the effects within a culture of abandoning the knowledge of God?
  3. What are the risks and consequences of mixed marriages?  How did mixed marriages lead to the flood?
  4. What are appropriate biblical attitudes and non-negotiable traits in finding a marriage partner?