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God’s Gracious Judgment

By David Robinson/ March 1, 2015

Series  Genesis 1-11: Creation, Covenant and Culture

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Theology

Scripture  Genesis 3:7-21

Adam and Eve are cursed with pain and difficulty in their callings as well as physical and spiritual death.  But even in judging sin God is gracious and in the judgment there is hope.

Scripture:  Genesis 3:7-21

Sermon Notes:

  1. Adam and Eve fell when the crafty serpent twisted God's word, impugned His character, deceived the woman, and they ate.
  2. Exchanging the truth of God for the Serpent’s lie, Adam and Eve weren't like God; there was a loss of glory, they recognized their shame, and they try to hide from God.
  3. Ever the good shepherd, God seeks them and finds them. God’s character hasn't changed and He graciously draws out Adam.
  4. Adam tries to deflect guilt off himself, blaming his wife and God who made her.
  5. Learn: a) Confession ought to be simple and sincere.  Own up to your sin.  b) Receive your wife every day as a generous gift of God; do not blame her when you’re stressed.
  6. There are consequences for disobedience.  Adam and Eve are cursed with pain and difficulty in their callings as well as physical and spiritual death.
  7. The serpent is simply cursed by God.  Satan tried to pick a fight with humanity, and now there will be war with the woman’s seed and Satan will be crushed.
  8. This conflict is ongoing through history and it is happening in the world today.  It is seen in persecution of Christians, attacks on biblical marriage, and challenges to God’s Word which are commonplace even in the church.
  9. The Devil is always accusatory, speaking words of condemnation. But Revelation 12 says he has been defeated for Christ has conquered (Colossians 2:13-15).
  10. Christ freed us from the penalty of death, cancelling the debt against us with its legal demands.  So the Devil can no longer accuse us (Rom. 8:1; 1John 2:1).
  11. The difficulty of life is a permanent reminder of Adam and Eve disobedience.
  12. For the woman, childbearing is difficult. There is going to be tension in the marriage relationship. The wife will try to dominate and there is sinful conflict between husbands and wives (but, Ephesians 5:18-33).
  13. Adam will experience pain in providing for his family. Whereas the garden produced trees that were good to eat, the ground will now produce thorns and thistles.
  14. We see Adam’s trust in God's word as he calls his wife Eve, literally life! The blessed command to be fruitful and multiply remains.
  15. God is not only Creator but also Saviour. After the Fall, the work of salvation and redemption begins, as God fully clothes Adam and Eve, covering their shame and guilt.
  16. God does judge sin but He is gracious; even in the judgment there is hope.

Application Questions:

  1. What is revealed by God’s response to Adam and Eve’s shame and hiding?
  2. How do Adam and Eve respond when God questions them?
  3. How were God’s judgments upon Eve, Adam and the Serpent proportional to their crime?
  4. Outline the gracious provision and salvation promises given by God in Genesis 3.