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Grace upon Grace

By David Robinson/ December 24, 2017

Series  Advent 2017: Light in the Darkness

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Person Of Christ

Scripture  John 1:14-18

John calls us into a deeper contemplation of the significance of the incarnation. The baby in a manger was a sign of God's cosmic and eternal purpose.

Sermon Notes:

  1. John calls us into a deeper contemplation of the significance of the incarnation. The baby in a manger was a sign of God’s cosmic and eternal purpose.
  2. The light of Christ is the light of men which shines into the darkness of men (Jn. 1:4).  We are the darkness and it is the light of Christ that overcomes the sin and hatred in our hearts.
  3. God’s lofty, eternal purpose was brought down to the temporal realm as the Word become flesh and lived among us, in the midst of our sin and depravity.
  4. We celebrate Christmas at this time of year when the days are darkest. As each day gets longer we’re reminded of the light of Christ.
  5. John’s gospel introduces us to God’s glory revealed in the eternal relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  6. Wesley expresses God’s glory in the carol: Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, hail the incarnate Deity.
  7. When we read the terms grace and truth we need to see that these are personal terms which refer to God Himself.  God is grace.  God is truth.
  8. Pilate asks, what is truth (Jn. 18:38)?  But the proper question is, Who is truth?  Jesus is the truth.  Through Him we come to the Father.
  9. Grace likewise is manifest in the person of Christ. It is in the act of giving His only Son that God’s grace is displayed most vividly.
  10. In the economy of the Trinity, the Father and Son give the Spirit of truth. God the Father gives the Son and the Spirit draws us to the Son. The Son leads us to the Father where we are received into the eternal communion of the triune God.
  11. Eternal life, the life of God Himself is promised to those who believe on Him. From the fullness of God, we have all received grace upon grace (Jn. 1:16).
  12. Our communion with Christ is a communion with the triune God.
  13. We are celebrating how the light has shone into the darkness.
  14. As we have received the love and life of God, so we are sent out to witness and to work in God’s grace and truth.
  15. To receive the communion of Christ is to be sent out ourselves to call others into God’s communion.

Application Questions:

  1. In what sense is Christ the light of men?
  2. How do grace and truth relate to God?
  3. What are the roles of the persons of the Trinity in bringing us into God’s fellowship?
  4. How can we give witness to the grace and truth of Christ this week?