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His Name is John

By Michael Boot/ December 28, 2014

Series  Advent 2014: God with Us

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  The Holy Spirit

Scripture  Luke 1:1-23

John was a man sent from God as a purposeful gift. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth.

Scripture:  Luke 1:1-23

Sermon Notes:

  1. Salvation is personal and relational and it is communicated to us by the person of the Holy Spirit.
  2. In the Old Testament the work of the Holy Spirit was limited to particular persons for a particular purpose.
  3. Now the Holy Spirit is poured out upon all people, especially our sons and daughters (Joel 2:28ff cf. Acts 2:14-21).
  4. Zacharias, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Simeon, Anna, and Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit before Pentecost.
  5. They were looking forward to a better day when revival would be poured out from God.
  6. Simeon came into temple, he was moved by the Holy Spirit, and he prophesied. He took baby Jesus in his arms and blessed Him (Luke 2:25-32).
  7. John means the Lord is gracious or Yahweh favours.
  8. John was a man sent from God as a purposeful gift.  He was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth.
  9. A Christian structured family home is used by God to raise up the next generation of His servants.
  10. There is a spirit in the world which works to distort the family model and gender. It is out to destroy the family model and the image of God because God is glorified in godly homes.
  11. At a time of darkness, Zacharias was longing and praying for the appearing of Israel’s redemption.
  12. Zechariah didn't believe the angel's message; he questioned God's ability. But God is able to do far beyond our expectations.
  13. Children are a blessing and reward from God.
  14. Zecharias wrote "his name is John" in agreement with heaven, and his mouth was opened.
  15. All three members of Zacharias’ family were said to be filled with the Holy Spirit, i.e., filled and empowered by the person of the third person of the Trinity (Luke 1:41-45,64).
  16. Their experience was comparable to that of the disciples at Pentecost, being empowered by the Holy Spirit for worship and prophetic utterance.
  17. The Word of God is going to be fulfilled in our day regardless of opposition.
  18. John was sent to bear witness to the light of Christ, preparing the way for the kingdom of God (John 1:32-34).
  19. The Holy Spirit’s filling was personal and prophetic, and it resulted in the turning of many people to God.
  20. So today we ought to expect God’s restoration leading to repentance and salvation.
  21. As we prayerfully and habitually look to God's Word we should be expectant that God will call many by His Spirit.


Application Questions:

  1. What was the response of each upon receiving the pouring out of the Holy Spirit?  Elizabeth, John, Mary, Simeon, Anna?
  2. For what should we be calling out to God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit?  What is the better day we are looking for? 
  3. What were Zechariah and the assembly doing when the angel appeared?  How should we react in times of darkness?
  4. What was the role of John in God’s kingdom?