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Holiness and Hypocrisy

By David Robinson/ November 20, 2016

Series  Mark: The King and His Kingdom

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Mark 7:1-23

Jesus says it is a higher priority to honour your father and mother with your money than it is to will your estate to the church.

Scripture:  Mark 7:1-23

Sermon Notes:

  1. Jesus is the Holy One of God who cleanses a sinful world, making it holy. The Pharisees, however, see only Jesus’ violations of their traditions, which distinguished them from the world.
  2. The Sabbath, food laws, and ritual washings were emphasized to keep the Jews separate from gentile uncleanness. The Pharisees wanted to bring about the kingdom of God by becoming a holy people through their traditions.
  3. Jesus quotes Isaiah 29:13 to expose the Pharisees’ hypocrisy.
  4. It is easy to play the role of a Christian; but our conformity to Christian doctrine and practice can become a hypocritical mask.
  5. Jesus challenges us to examine our hearts’ relation to God. The Holy Word of God is the priority over our traditions.
  6. Jesus says it is a higher priority to honour your father and mother with your money than it is to will your estate to the temple.
  7. We ought to honour the elderly, and make a priority to spend time with our parents and grandparents.
  8. Our neglect of the fifth commandment has opened the way to euthanasia.
  9. Our attitude towards money reflects our relationship to God. Paul says a holy person is characterized by a transformed, renewed mind (Rom. 12:2). Contributing to the needs of the saints is part of holiness.
  10. Our view of the teaching of men is likewise an area where we can idolize popular Christian teachers, holding their teaching above the Word of God.
  11. If you emphasize particular views as the essence of holiness, you will withdraw from fellow believers.
  12. When you’re nitpicking little things, you’ll miss the obvious things in the Christian life.
  13. His parables reveal the mystery of the kingdom of God, so Jesus urges us to pay close attention.
  14. Holiness comes from inside; it is the attitudes of our hearts which can make us unclean.
  15. Holiness is to be set apart to Christ for service in the world (cf. Mark 6:7).
  16. This setting apart for service in the world is meant to be a sanctifying presence in the world.
  17. This holy service is compassionate; Jesus interacted with the unclean people in the crowds who came to him.
  18. Holiness is also a wise engagement with the world; we’re to be compassionate. Love is discerning, holding to what is good, hating what is evil, and loving those in need (Rom. 12:9).
  19. The gospel requires eating together around the same table; this is a sign of holiness.
  20. It is what is in our hearts that makes us unclean: sexual immorality, sensuality, deceit, revelry, pride, foolishness, etc. (cf. Matt. 15:18-19).
  21. We are not pure inside. But the beautiful thing about the gospel is that Jesus ministers to unclean people.
  22. As we come to the Lord in repentance and faith, He makes us clean, atoning for our sin by the blood of Christ.

Application Questions:

  1. How are you doing on the fifth commandment? Are you honouring your father and mother?
  2. Do you harbour critical and judgmental attitudes toward your brothers?
  3. Are you serving the church, but sacrificing your family to do so?
  4. What is your attitude toward wealth? Does it reflect a correct kingdom orientation?