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Paul and Power Encounter

By Michael Boot/ May 20, 2012

Series  Acts of the Apostles and The Mission of God

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  The Holy Spirit

Scripture  Acts 19:11-20

The church must recognize spiritual battle if we are to see evangelism advance in our day. Paul was anointed by God, such that he was recognized by both heaven and by hell. We need a revival in Toronto based on the Word of God.

Scripture: Acts 19:11-20

Sermon Notes:

  1. In the resurrection of Christ the powers of death and hell are defeated, and Christ gives victory to His church.
  2. In any city, where spiritual work is undertaken in the name of Christ, there is going to be spiritual opposition.
  3. Today, there are still supernatural demonstrations that God is alive and that Christ is real.
  4. Paul is aware of spiritual darkness in the city of Ephesus.
  5. There is such an overflow of the Holy Spirit in Paul that the sick are healed.
  6. Converted magicians and occultists burned their evil books, valued at 130 years' worth of workman's wages.
  7. Paul was equipping the church for spiritual conflict, that they might overcome the forces of evil (Eph. 6:10-20).
  8. The church must recognize spiritual battle if we're to see evangelism advance in our day. – Canon Michael Green
  9. The city of Ephesus worshiped an idol (Acts 19:35) and behind every idol there is a spiritual influence.
  10. Ephesus was inundated by immorality, idolatry, fraud, and deception.
  11. Paul has a strategy coming to Ephesus. First, he uses the home as a base for evangelism and teaching.
  12. Paul took interest to help other groups of believers; he checked their doctrine, and brought them into a fuller experience of the Christian life: the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  13. Don't write off fellow-travelers in the gospel project. God may bring them to fuller understanding and partnership in the work of the gospel.
  14. The Word of God prevailed and grew; for two whole years the church worked hard preaching the Word of God through the whole region, empowering and equipping.
  15. Paul worked hard with his hands that the gospel might be presented free.
  16. Paul was anointed by God, such that he was recognized by both heaven and by hell.
  17. We need a revival in Toronto based on the Word of God.
  18. Paul was made a witness of Jesus to the Gentiles (Acts 26).
  19. Paul didn't have a fear of man, of their religion, or of spiritual darkness.
  20. Occult exorcists who tried to emulate the Holy Spirit's power as manifested through Paul are rebuked.
  21. When the industry of sin is in jeopardy of losing monetary profits, the gospel is making a deep advance.

Application Questions:

  1. What is it about the resurrection of Christ that guarantees our victory over dark spiritual powers?
  2. In what ways is Toronto like Ephesus in Paul's day?
  3. What does Ephesians 6:10-20 reveal about spiritual warfare? How can we put on spiritual armour this week?
  4. What strategies and methods can we take from Paul's example preaching the gospel in Ephesus and surrounding areas?
  5. What kinds of financial sacrifices might converts face today as they repent of immorality and idolatry?
  6. How might gospel advance affect today's porn and sex industries? What opposition should we expect?
  7. How can we follow Paul's example by encouraging fellow believers to grow in the gospel?

Sermon Notes