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The Blessing of Repentance and Forgiveness

By David Robinson/ June 28, 2015

Series  Meditations on the Psalms

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Salvation

Scripture  Psalms 32

The picture of sin and forgiveness in Psalm 32 points us to the work of Christ in bearing the burden of our sin on the cross.

Scripture:  Psalm 32

Sermon Notes:

  1. The Psalms provide particular nourishment for the soul.
  2. Psalm 32 speaks of sin, repentance, and forgiveness in the life of the believer.
  3. To transgress is to leave the path of righteousness and blessing that God is leading us on. Transgression leads to death and destruction.
  4. To sin is to miss the mark, to fail to reflect God’s character, to fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).
  5. Iniquity refers to our own twisted, crooked moral character.
  6. Forgiveness is the lifting of the burden of guilt because of sin and wiping away any record of our sin.
  7. This picture of sin and forgiveness points us to the work of Christ who bore the burden of our sin on the cross (Isaiah 53:5-6).
  8. The blessing of forgiveness is only for those who repent. 
  9. When he tried to hide his sin, David groaned with guilt and weariness.
  10. The Lord’s discipline makes us uncomfortable if we are living in unrepentant sin. 
  11. God’s discipline is a reminder of God’s care for us. He disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:8-11).
  12. The terror is not God’s discipline, but the removal of His discipline, allowing us to march unrestrained to sorrow, death, and destruction.
  13. We must confess to God our transgressions specifically, honestly, and sincerely in order to receive forgiveness.
  14. Confessing sins privately to God can be a way of continuing in our sins; confessing our sins to a brother or sister in the church is vital to acknowledging and turning away from our sin.
  15. The power of sin is broken when we confess our sins one to another. 
  16. Jesus gave the ministry of confession and forgiveness in John 20:21-23.
  17. Unconfessed sin will harden your heart and sear your conscience.  The longer you delay the harder your heart will become.
  18. Repent today to escape judgment and to receive God’s assurance of His presence and salvation.
  19. There are divine shouts of joy when sinners repent.
  20. When we repent, God will guide us in the path of righteousness.
  21. The path of obedience is a new direction in our lives as we follow God's Word willingly and freely, not grudgingly.
  22. God’s steadfast love surrounds us in the way of obedience as we trust in the Lord.
  23. Repentance and obedience bring joy overflowing, as we walk with the Lord.

Application Questions:

  1. What are the benefits of reading the Psalms for the life of the believer?
  2. What are the necessary preconditions to receive forgiveness?
  3. How will we know when God is disciplining us?
  4. What are the attitudes and components of confession of our sin?
  5. What happens if we do not confess our sins? 
  6. Do we have specific sins we need to confess today?
  7. What is the fruit of living in repentance and obedience?