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The Bride and the Spirit say, ‘Come!’

By David Robinson/ November 30, 2014

Series  Advent 2014: God with Us

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Mission Of God

Scripture  Revelation 22:6-21

We celebrate the bright Morning Star, the coming of Messiah, who will bring peace, rule with justice, and spread the knowledge of the Lord to the whole earth.

Scripture:  Revelation 22:6-21

Sermon Notes:

  1. At the time of advent we’re to be ready like the virgins in the parable for the coming of the bridegroom, Christ.
  2. Advent is a season of hope because we fix our eyes on Christ and trust in His promises for us.
  3. Jesus will take us to a place He has prepared for us (John 14:1-3).
  4. Revelation 22 calls us to fix our eyes on Christ, the root of David.  We are to look on Christ and follow Him.
  5. There’s a tension in the season of advent, because Jesus is both coming soon at the end of the age, and He is now with us until the end of the age (Cf. Rev 22:7 and Matt 28:20)
  6. Heaven is a present spiritual reality, but there is a veil between heaven and earth separating us.
  7. Revelation is an unveiling of the heavenly realities that God has in store.
  8. Jesus is on the throne, leading His people as the Good Shepherd
  9. Christ is displacing the effects of sin and making all things new (Rev. 21:1-5).
  10. At advent we celebrate both realities: the presence of Christ and the coming of Christ.
  11. We celebrate the bright Morning Star, the coming of Messiah, who will bring peace, rule with justice, and spread of the knowledge of the Lord to the whole earth.
  12. Christ is a banner to the nations who are coming to Him.
  13. The water of life (Rev. 22:17) refers to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, which revives us and brings eternal life.
  14. Is it by hearing the Word and responding in faith that we receive the water of life (Isaiah 55:1-13).
  15. To hear God’s word means to obey it, and the result is the blessing of God. 
  16. In Revelation 22 we see the blessing and curses.
  17. The blessings of God are both present and future.
  18. We need to hear the good shepherd and follow His voice. (John 10:27-30; Rev. 7:14-17).
  19. You may find yourself at a time when the sound of the Shepherd is distant.  Run to Him
  20. The Good Shepherd won't ever let you go (John 10.28).
  21. Those who reject the word of God will be cursed, and cast out from the holy city and cut off from tree of life (Rev. 22:14-15). 
  22. In Joy to the World Isaac Watts sums up the advent blessings: “No more let sins and sorrows flow, nor thorns infest the ground; He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found.”
  23. Jesus is the bright Morning Star; though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we fear no evil, for He has promised we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever (Psalm 23).

Application Questions:

  1. What is the living water offered by God (cf. Isaiah 55)?
  2. In what sense is Revelation an “unveiling” and what are some primary themes the book reveals to God’s servants?
  3. What does it mean for us to “hear” the Word of the Lord?
  4. How do we abide in God’s love?  (See John 15:10,14)
  5. What are the conditions attached to the blessings and curses promised in Revelation 22.
  6. What are the advent blessings promised by Messiah?

Sermon Notes