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The Path of Life

By David Robinson/ September 2, 2012

Series  Meditations on the Psalms

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Psalms 16

We are defeated when we try to live the Christian life by “unleashing the power of our inner self.” It's in the power of Christ alone that we can have victory.

Scripture: Psalm 16; Acts 2:22-36

Sermon Notes:

  1. This is a Psalm of protection and security of God’s people.
  2. Psalm 16 is a messianic Psalm, pointing us to Christ.
  3. Both Peter (Acts 2:22-36) and Paul (Acts 13:32-37) cite Psalm 16 in reference to Christ.
  4. Paul and Peter emphasis the point that Jesus’ body didn’t see corruption, and that Psalm 16 is about Jesus.
  5. Though David wrote this Psalm, it’s actually a prayer of Jesus.
  6. Like Jesus, David prays trusting God in the face of death.
  7. We read Psalm 16 with confidence that Christ fulfills this prayer, and gives us its promises.
  8. God the Father and Son are holding us in their hands (John 10:25-30).
  9. God promises in Isaiah 40:11 that He will tend His flock like a shepherd, holding us close for protection.
  10. Likewise God the Son is in the bosom of the Father (John 1:18).
  11. The love between Christ and the Father is the same love that unites Christ and the Church.
  12. Christ came to save every one of His own; our salvation depends on Christ, not upon us (John 6:37-40).
  13. The seal in Revelation 7 is a symbol of God’s protection over the complete number of God’s people.
  14. With the obedience of a heart inclined to God, the Psalmist gains the confidence of assurance.
  15. We are defeated when we try to live the Christian life by “unleashing the power of our inner self.” It’s in the power of Christ alone that we can have victory.
  16. The communion meal is a feeding on Christ. It’s a heavenly and an earthy meal at the same time.
  17. The broken body of Christ celebrates our union and communion as a body of believers.
  18. Christ has called our brothers and sisters “excellent ones” in whom is His delight.
  19. Judas shared the cup unto judgment and so Paul warns that we must examine ourselves.
  20. The Lord’s Supper is not for perfect people, but it is for repentant people.
  21. This is a meal that signifies and celebrates our union with Christ, and our union one with another.

Application Questions:

  1. In what respects are the Psalms rightly called a “treasury”?
  2. How do John 10:25-30 and Isaiah 40:11 contribute to our understanding of God’s protection for His people?
  3. How can disobedience lead to a lack of assurance in the Christian life?
  4. Where in my life may disobedience be shattering my confidence in God’s protection?
  5. Are we trying to live the Christian life by our own strength? What are the consequences and the solution to this?
  6. What are the significances of the Lord’s Supper?
  7. How should we come to the Lord’s Supper?

Sermon Notes