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Wisdom and Friendship

By David Robinson/ August 31, 2014

Series  Powerful Proverbs

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Proverbs 1:8-19

Keeping company with wise friends, who are both loyal and candid, leads to unity, restoration, and life.

Scripture:  Proverbs 1:8-19

Sermon Notes:

  1. Proverbs instructs us in how to relate wisely to neighbours, co-workers, and friends.
  2. Friends are people with whom we have chosen to have a close relationship.
  3. We all need to have friends.  The anti-social person is often arrogant and selfish (cf. Pr. 18:1).
  4. Proverbs also warns against trying to be popular and seeking to have many friends (Pr. 18:24).
  5. Proverbs instructs us to choose our friends wisely.  Our friends should influence us toward ethical behaviour, not toward evil (cf. Pr. 6:12-15).
  6. Anger and a loose tongue are signs of a wicked person.  Hanging around angry people will eventually make you angry (Pr. 22:24-25).
  7. Scoffing, gossip and flattery spread discord; the arrogant person talks a lot, and creates contention (Pr. 22:10-11).
  8. Correcting a scoffer only invites harm to yourself (Pr. 9:8).
  9. A true friend will not enjoy hearing gossip, i.e., bad reports about others (Pr. 18:8; 16:28).
  10. A flattering mouth is intended to work evil. Flattery is a form of manipulation and it quickly rings hollow (Pr. 26:24-25, 28; 29:5).
  11. Avoid angry men, flatterers and scoffers who cause conflict and discord among friends (Pr. 6:12-15).
  12. We should seek friends among the wise.  Good friends are both loyal and candid.
  13. A loyal friend overlooks offenses and covers them over rather than exposing them (Pr. 11:12-13; 10:12; 19:11).
  14. We are to imitate God in covering offenses (Micah 7:18).
  15. The Hebrew word hesed denotes a loyal steadfast love, expressed in kindness and mercy.
  16. Barnabas was a loyal friend, a son of encouragement.
  17. A candid friend will rebuke and correct you as needed (Pr. 27:5-6).  Wounds and rebukes hurt, but they sanctify (Pr. 20:30). If we are wise we will receive correction (Pr. 15:31-33).
  18. If you are deeply irritated when you receive an appropriate rebuke, then you are a fool (Pr. 15:12).  Willingness to receive a rebuke indicates humility.
  19. A close friend is willing to rebuke and correct as needed.
  20. Hanging out in the company of fools leads to destruction and death.
  21. Keeping company with wise friends leads to unity, restoration, peace, and life (Pr. 13:14).
  22. Jesus is the faithful friend who calls sinners to repent and who has offered love, kindness and mercy in the cross (cf. Matt. 11:19).
  23. When we turn to Jesus we will find life, restoration and wisdom (Pr. 13:14).

  Application Questions:

  1. Define what a friend is according to Proverbs.
  2. What kind of people should we choose as friends?
  3. What is the effect of hanging out with foolish and immoral friends?
  4. How have your friends influenced you?  How have you influenced your friends?
  5. Are you a loyal friend if you are unwilling to graciously offer a needful rebuke?
  6. How do you respond to a rebuke or word of correction from a friend? 
  7. How can we begin building friendships based on wisdom?
  8. Are you a friend that sticks closer than a brother?

Sermon Notes