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Word of the Risen King

By Joe Boot/ April 16, 2017

Series  Mark: The King and His Kingdom

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Salvation

Scripture  Mark 16:1-20

God's Word upholds everything moment by moment. The total coherence and dependence of the creation refers us back to the Creator God.

Scripture: Mark 16:1-20

Sermon Notes:

  1. The resurrection stands at the centre of history and it changes everything.
  2. By the law-Word of God, all things were created; by the same Word all things are sustained (Acts 17:28).
  3. In Christ, the Word of God in human flesh, all of life is redeemed and restored back to right relationship with God the Father.
  4. The final movement of that symphony of redemption is found in the account of the resurrection.
  5. As the King, Christ Himself will bring His redemptive purposes to completion.
  6. Peter would have been in agony of soul after his denial of Christ; but the angel’s words give him comfort. Jesus was resurrected to glory never to die again.
  7. Christ rebukes the disciples’ unbelief and hardness of heart.
  8. Until we see the depth of our sin and guilt, we cannot accept the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.
  9. When we accept Christ’s rebuke of unbelief and throw ourselves onto the resurrected Lord, then we find life and freedom.
  10. We all have a faith function in our lives; we all believe certain things, but the direction of our faith differs.
  11. We are either trusting the Creator of all things, or we are making some aspect of creation into a substitute god.
  12. Our existence is actually oriented toward God; we find our joy, peace, and satisfaction in Him alone.
  13. The nature of sin is that we manufacture idols from almost anything in the created order: money, power, fame, possessions, sex, knowledge, etc. 
  14. Ultimate meaning always eludes us when we seek to find it in these things.
  15. Every moment we think, live, breathe by the powerful Word of God.
  16. When we attribute the normal operations of the world to “nature” we need to ask, “what is the nature of nature?”  Is nature defined by man or is it defined by God?
  17.  Laws require a law-giver. Laws for creation are the ordinary way in which God rules the cosmos.
  18. It is God’s Word that upholds everything moment by moment.
  19. The total coherence and dependence of the creation refers us back to the Creator God.
  20. Jesus has risen and in that event guilt was removed, death was conquered, and life was restored.
  21. In Christ we are restored to our truly natural condition; in Him we can be what God made us to be.
  22. To live by the life-giving Word of God is true freedom.
  23. For the Christian the grave is only a delay for our entry into resurrection life. 

Application Questions:


  1. Why does the whole of the Christian faith hinge on the resurrection?
  2. What are the implications of the resurrection for world history?
  3. What is the nature of nature?  How does the answer impact our understanding of science?
  4. How would you explain to an unbeliever that to live in obedience to the Word of God is true freedom?