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Articles in Justice


Justice, Race and Revolution

by Joe Boot

July 6, 2020

Only the gospel of the kingdom that announces jubilee in Jesus Christ is able to bring reconciliation where oppression, hatred or resentment, conflict and acts of vengeance between peoples once reigned.


What is Black Liberation Theology?

by Samuel Sey

June 8, 2020

Samuel Sey introduces Black Liberation Theology and demonstrates that it is a form of the liberal social gospel that has risen to prominence in recent years hand in hand with prominent race-based movements like Black Lives Matter.


Love your Enemies

by Joe Boot

June 1, 2015

Peace, justice and love are defined for us in God’s Word and by His divine character. Therefore there is a right way to seek after these things and we must be careful to discern it by the application of Scripture.


Peacekeepers or Peacemakers?

by Joe Boot

May 29, 2015

A truly biblical perspective on war and peace rules out the possibility of pacifism.


Good is Evil and Evil is Good

by Joe Boot

June 6, 2014

If people are to knowingly live amidst and promote flagrant evil, such as the murder of unborn children, that evil must be rationalized and justified to avoid crippling guilt.

Is Justice Social?

by Joe Boot

April 15, 2014

Among Christians today there is confusion about the meaning of justice, the promotion of 'social justice' and what the Bible really has to say about it all. It is the covenant of God that brings about human flourishing and true justice, not the lawless wrath of sinful man promoting envy and conflict in the name of social justice.