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Articles in Politics


The Makings of the Utopian Power State

by Joe Boot

September 2, 2020

Man in a world without God has an insatiable desire for control, rooted in the hope that man can be liberated from unpredictability into the true freedom of necessity.


COVID Calamity: When the Cure is Worse than the Disease

by Joe Boot

March 27, 2020

Joe Boot speaks out on the cause, implications and fallout of the COVID19 outbreak and response.


MPPs say Farewell to Family

by Joe Boot and Ryan Eras

December 12, 2016

The Ontario Legislature’s decision to approve the “All Families Are Equal” Act is a mockery of justice and a galling misappropriation of God’s design for the family.


Dead Men Walking

by Joe Boot

June 6, 2016

As our culture and nation have pursued a course away from the God of Scripture and his righteous rule, we have not ceased to worship, but have merely exchanged true worship for idolatry in culture and politics.


Voting and the Role of the State

by Joe Boot

April 22, 2016

With referendum looming in the U.K over whether to leave the European Union, how should Christians understand the practice of voting, the role of the state, and the true nature of freedom?


Wisdom and Government Part 3

by Joe Boot

December 1, 2015

Wisdom in all spheres of government – civil, self, family, church and vocation – is to recognize and live in light of the reign of Christ over all things.


Wisdom and Government Part 2

by Joe Boot

November 23, 2015

The biblical understanding of folly is not mere stupidity, but a self-centered pragmatism that shows contempt for the Lord, his Word, and his servants.


Wisdom and Government Part 1

by Joe Boot

November 10, 2015

When a society abandons God and His Word, it abandons the only true source of wisdom, and the result is folly in our personal, social, and civil governments.


That Old Fox

by Joe Boot

July 16, 2015

Power for power’s sake becomes the only thing of value when a culture abandons God and His word. Even human life becomes merely a means to an end.


Canadian Schizophrenia

by Joe Boot

October 24, 2014

In the wake of the recent attacks in Montreal and Ottawa, what can we expect of God, and what should our response be as a nation and as individuals?