April 20, 2014

Searching for Truth: The Rolling Stone

Resurrection Power and the Death of Death

The resurrection of Christ is the turning point which changes all of history. The Devil's power over the curse of death is broken, and for the Christian the sting of death is gone.

Sermon Notes:

  1. The resurrection of Christ is the turning point, the fulcrum of history.
  2. It is difficult for us as humans to imagine that we cease to exist; we have an innate sense of purpose and destiny.
  3. In the midst of life we are each dying, but despite the realities of death, we find it difficult to face it.
  4. The denial of God and the resurrection is wishful thinking, the evasion of reality.   
  5. Those who have lived lawlessly, hope not to die and give an account to their Creator.
  6. Death is a result of the curse for sin that God had pronounced on the created order.
  7. The disciples boldly proclaimed that Christ had been raised and they staked their lives upon the resurrection.
  8. We are here today because Jesus is raised to life, never to die again.
  9. God’s Word speaking infallibly and authoritatively records the fact of Christ’s resurrection.
  10. Without God’s Word we can know nothing with certainty. 
  11. The gospels provide us with reliable accounts of the historic event of Christ’s resurrection.
  12. We cannot scientifically demonstrate the resurrection, because it was a one-off event, a sign from God.
  13. However, inductive reasoning from the historic evidence confirms the existence of Jesus and the resurrection (e.g., the crucifixion, the empty tomb, 500 eye witnesses, the early Christians’ testimony, etc.).
  14. Jesus ate food, confirming His physical resurrection.
  15. The resurrection of Christ was either a tale, a delusion, or it really happened.
  16. All attempts to explain away the resurrection fail (e.g., it was a tale only; the disciples stole the body; Jesus only fainted, He did not really die; Barabbas died in Jesus’ place; the disciples hallucinated; etc.)
  17. The veracity of the resurrection is further confirmed insofar as Jewish Christians began to worship on Sunday and the disciples were transformed from fearful men into bold leaders.
  18. Today believers participate in Christ’s living body in communion.
  19. For the Christian the sting of death is gone; the Devil’s power over death is broken.
  20. Our response to the resurrection is to serve and worship Christ as the Son of the living God.

Application Questions

  1. Explain why the resurrection of Christ is the fulcrum of history.
  2. Why do those who do not know God struggle to face the reality of death?
  3. Upon what authority do we affirm the certainty of the resurrection of Christ?
  4. Why do attempts to explain away the resurrection fail?
  5. What are the implications of Christ’s resurrection for our lives today?
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