May 22, 2024

The Islamization of the West ft. Tim Dieppe

Continuing our series Conversations & Presuppositions, Drs. Boot and Thiessen are joined this week by Ezra Fellow for Public Policy Tim Dieppe to discuss the steady Islamization of the West.

Episode Resources:
Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends by Tim Dieppe:
“Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” by Tim Dieppe | Christian Concern:;
“What’s wrong with Islamic finance?” | Christian Concern:;
“Is Islam Antisemitic?” | Christian Concern:;
“The Challenge of Islam in the UK”| Christian Concern:

0:00 Cultural Leadership Academy AD
1:17 Podcast Opening
1:40 Intro & Show Set-up
4:20 Ezra Events
7:00 Topic Introduction & Palestinian Protest Footage
10:03 What is Islam?
14:00 Relationship of Islam & Sharia Law
16:20 The Islamization of the West
23:22 Islamic Finance & Sharia Entryism
27:54 Jihad
35:30 The Elitist’s False View of Islam, the Weaponization of Multiculturalism & a How Radical Two Kingdoms View Helps the Destruction of the West
40:45 Islam, Progressivism, and the Massive Rise of Antisemitism in the West
50:28 What Can Christians Do About It?
54:11 Outro
56:55 Closing Credits

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