Mission of God Conference CANADA:

Climate and the Cultural Crisis

Saturday, December 10, 2022 | Windsor, Ontario

How should Christians think about the role of human government and the recent efforts at the total control of people’s lives by the state? Is there a relationship between the Covid-related measures, and the broader issues of climate policy and social control? How are our present circumstances similar to–and different from–historic world crises? What are the social, spiritual, legal, economic and health implications? And what is a biblical response?

The social, economic and political crises of these last few years has spread division through all areas of society, and the church has been no exception. When mankind sinned, the earth was cursed, bringing struggle, disease, and death into the world. In spite of this, the Lord commanded mankind to fill and subdue the earth, turning the raw material of creation into a God-glorifying culture. How do we faithfully apply this command in our current crisis of the West with its love of decline and death rather than life?

Conference Details


Harvest Bible Church
2001 Spring Garden Rd, Windsor, ON N9E 3P8

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General Admission - $35


9:00 - Doors Open & Registration

10:00 - Welcome & Opening Hymn Sing

10:30 - Session #1 - Joe Boot

12:00 - Lunch (on your own)

1:30 -  Session #2 - Aaron Rock

2:45 - Break

3:15 - Session #3 - Andre Schutten

4:15 - Panel Q&A Session

5:00 - Closing

Speaker Bios


Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot

M.A., Ph. D.

Joe Boot is a Christian thinker, cultural apologist/philosopher, and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, a worldview training organization and think-tank in Grimsby, Ontario. He is also the founding pastor of Westminster Chapel and founder of Westminster Classical Christian Academy, both in Toronto. Joe has spoken, debated and guest lectured globally and writes on cultural philosophy and theology exploring the biblical worldview as it relates to the Christian’s mission in the world. His most recent contributions to scriptural cultural philosophy include Mission of God, Gospel Culture and Gospel Witness.


Rev. Dr. Aaron Rock

M.A., D.Min.

Aaron has ministered as a college professor, denominational leader, chaplain, church planter, teacher, and pastor. He serves as the founding and lead pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Windsor (since 2001), a church that has grown from five people to 1000 in twenty years. He blogs regularly at www.pursuitofglory.org. Aaron lives on a hobby farm in Amherstburg, Ontario. Aaron and his wife Susie have five children.

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Andre Schutten

André is Director of Law & Policy and General Legal Counsel for ARPA Canada, the Association for Reformed Political Action. He researches and writes on public policy, particularly from a Christian perspective, and conducts regular analysis on the impact of different government bills and court judgments. He also acts as a Parliamentary lobbyist. He has represented ARPA Canada in various court interventions, having made written arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada three times and written and oral arguments in three provincial courts of appeal.