H. Evan Runner International Academy

The H. Evan Runner International Academy is the most comprehensive training program offered by the Ezra Institute.

The H. Evan Runner International Academy for Cultural Leadership is for students and young professionals in fields such as politics, medicine, law, education, theology, philosophy, business, science and technology and the various arts.

Learn to understand culture, apply your faith, and gain in-depth insight into a distinctly Biblical world-and-life-view capable of vindicating the Christian philosophy of life in every sphere at the this unique and transformative program for emerging Christian leaders.

"The most fundamental and urgent battle of our time…is a struggle for the religious direction of human society in its totality. The battle of our time is to determine which spirit is to possess our hearts and give direction to our civilization." - H. Evan Runner
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The Academy is arranged to provide a solid intellectual foundation, as well as a coherent, real-world application of a scriptural worldview and Christian cultural philosophy.

The first half of the program provides a thorough introduction to Christian philosophy and cultural theology. The second half of the program surveys our Christian cultural legacy and the role believers should play in the defense and advancement of the scriptural perspective.

Delegates will live, eat, pray, and study together throughout the program. Each day consists of morning prayer and worship, lectures, group discussion, communal meals, free time and leisure activities and space for quiet reading and reflection.

Faculty members possess a reputation for Christian faithfulness and intellectual excellence, as well as experience in the work of cultural transformation. They are apologists, philosophers, theologians, physicians, educators, business leaders, pastors, authors, artists, and lawyers.


The H. Evan Runner International Academy brings together faculty and delegates from around the world for an intensive 10-day training program.

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H. Evan Runner International Academy USA:

Date: 2024

Location: Tennessee

More details TBD!

We hope you will join us in 2024!