Worldview Leadership Academy

Are your teens prepared to confront the ideas of our culture and confidently live out the truth of God's Word?

The Worldview Leadership Academy is a week-long program designed to equip students to know, defend and apply their faith in the midst of the intellectual and practical challenges of our day.

This academically rigorous program will provide students with an introduction to biblical worldview, cultural apologetics, and Christian philosophy.

Encounter a fresh paradigm for thinking, living and defending the faith with other passionate young people between 14-18 at this exciting program for keen Christian students preparing for vocations and higher education.

"Never at any other time in my life have I had my thoughts and ideas about the world [aka worldview] developed more than at the Worldview Youth Academy. Every single lecture was clearly thought out, and delivered with clarity, certainty, and biblical basis."

  • - Ben, Worldview Youth Academy 2022

Now accepting applications for 2023!

Dates for the Worldview Leadership Academy CANADA  2023:

July 23-28

Speakers include:

Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot

Rev. Dr. Michael Thiessen

Dr. Ted Fenske

Nate Wright

Calvin Smith

Cory McKenna

and more!


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