July 31, 2011

Who is this Man?

We're not strong enough to hold onto the cross in the storms of life; the gospel is that Jesus is holding on to me.

Scripture: Matthew 7:28-29; Matthew 7:28-8:27

Sermon Notes:

  1. Matthew chapters 8 and 9 recount the acts of Jesus bringing healing and salvation to the people following His sermon.
  2. In Matthew 5:21-48 Jesus contrasts the tradition of the rabbis by using infallible commands: “…but I say to you..”
  3. Jesus taught with authority, unlike the scribes who quoted each other, and unlike the prophets who began, “Thus says the Lord.”
  4. Jesus directs our attention to our heavenly Father. In Matthew 6, Jesus points us to the Father 12 times. Towards the end of the sermon in Matthew 7, Jesus is directing His attention toward Himself.
  5. If we are to direct our attention to the Father, we must direct attention to Christ.
  6. Jesus says that He will be Judge on the last day.
  7. In Isaiah 33:22-24, our salvation comes from the Lord, who is our lawgiver, our judge and our King.
  8. Jesus shows Himself to be this Lord in Matthew 8-9 where He heals the sick and forgives their iniquities.
  9. Both what Jesus says and does are significant.
  10. Jesus healed the leper and calms the storm, showing Himself to be God.
  11. To be a leper was to be cursed and separated from the people. (See Leviticus 13-14.)
  12. Miriam and Naaman were healed of leprosy; but unlike their mediated healings, Jesus cures the leper instantly by His word and touch.
  13. Likewise Jesus calmed the sea by His word.
  14. Though we be of little faith, we're to cry out to the Lord for help; He gives us hope and salvation.
  15. Jesus is the law-giver, saviour and judge; this is the God of the Exodus. Jesus spoke and acted as God.
  16. Yet Jesus was also handed over to be condemned to death, falsely accused, bearing the curse and wrath for sin though He was innocent.
  17. This same Jesus was raised on the third day and He said to His disciples: “All authority on heaven and earth is given to Me.”
  18. We're not strong enough to hold onto the cross in the storms of life; the gospel is that Jesus is holding on to me.
  19. Jesus gives us both the diagnosis and the remedy.
  20. Our problem is that we're dead and we need life (Ephesians 2:4-7).
  21. The picture of the Christian life is of the communion of saints sitting in heavenly places singing a new song (Revelation 5:9-10).

Application Questions

  1. What features of the sermon on the mount demonstrate Jesus' authority as the lawgiver?
  2. How do Jesus' acts in Matt. 8 confirm and expound on His kingdom teaching in the previous chapters?
  3. How does Isaiah 33:22-24 foreshadow the sermon on the mount?
  4. How can we share the gospel message of Titus 3:3-7 this week?
  5. How was Jesus' healing of the leper unique?
  6. How is our salvation portrayed in Ephesians 2:4-7?
  7. What's the vision for the Christian life in Revelation 5:9-10?
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