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At the Ezra Institute we're working to…

• Restore gospel confidence among God's people
• Renew understanding of the scope and power of the Word of God
• Rebuild a Christian philosophy of life for every sphere
• Recover a message of redemption that claims all of creation as the theatre of God's glory

Training Programs

H. Evan Runner International Academy (004)

advanced studies in cultural leadership and Christian philosophy

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worldview and apologetics training for youth

biblical worldview training for teens

worldview training for pastors and church ministry leaders

advanced studies in faithful cultural leadership

Christianity and culture

worldview training for Christians in all spheres

Featured Resources

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Censorship and the War of the Gods

The Canadian government’s passage of legislation such as Bills C-11, C-18, and C-36 is beginning to bear fruit, in the form of increasingly invasive censorship policies levied on content platforms.

All the Updates You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve seen a lot of new listeners to the show the past few months, and a warm welcome to all of you! In this episode, Joe Boot, Ryan Eras and Nate Wright discuss how and why the Ezra Institute began, the issues and activities that we engage in, and what we’re doing next.

Reclaiming the Rainbow: Responding to LGBT Challenges with Grace & Truth

In this series of short essays, Dr. Ted Fenske offers a grace-filled prescription for how God’s people ought to respond to the cultural, ideological, religious, and medical challenges of the LGBT movement to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deep Discipleship for Dark Days w/ Paul Dirks

Pastor and author Paul Dirks discusses his forthcoming book, Deep Discipleship for Dark Days, and explains why the time is ripe for Christians to embark on building healthy, godly families, churches, schools, and communities. Paul discusses how he perceived the need for this book at such a time as this, and lays out the scriptural rationale for whether rapid societal changes come from the political, natural, technological, or biological spheres, all such historical occurrences urge us to live in such a way that we are ready with a faithful response. A constant, general preparedness, and a particular discerning of the times (1 Chr 12:32)  are interconnected. 

Church and State Updates in Alberta w/ Mike Thiessen

Michael Thiessen discusses the recent Crown decision to withdraw charges against Alberta pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens, as well as some other pending legal cases on the question of the relation of church and state. The cases represent victories, but Mike explains why much more advocacy needs to be done at the constitutional level to bring a truly meaningful level of legal protection for religious freedom in Canada.

Christian Care w/ Ted Fenske

Ezra Institute Fellow Ted Fenske joins us to talk about the role of the Christian in medicine. As a veteran cardiologist, Dr. Fenske recalls his medical internship during the 1980s AIDS epidemic, and offers wisdom based on hard experience in ministering faithfully to LGBT patients.

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