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We are excited that you are interested in mentoring the youth at our 2021 summer camps!

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The Worldview Leadership Camp (WLC) is a one-week program for students aged 14 to 19 to equip them to defend their Christian faith in the midst of the intellectual and practical challenges of our culture, to apply God's Word to every sphere of life, and to direct their lives towards building a culture that loves and honours Jesus Christ.

The dates for our 2021 Worldview Leadership Camp will be:

August 15-20 (Jr. Camp)
August 22-27 (Sr. Camp)

The Faith & Farm Camp is a one-week program for students aged 14 to 19 to experience the world through new eyes - and arms - on the Ezra Farmstead with a week of hands-on environmental stewardship and holistic foundational training in the Christian worldview, including what God's Word has to say about our vocations, the environment, the home, and the family.

The dates for our 2021 Faith & Farm Camp will be:

July 18-23 (Jr. Camp)
August 29-September 3 (Sr. Camp)


Ezra Institute Mentor Application Form

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4) have a second interview on Skype or in person with the Ezra Institute, if applicable;
5) attend any Staff training;
6) experience how God will work at the Ezra Institute from the staff side!

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