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What did the Reformation do for Philosophy?

by Danie Strauss and Joe Boot

August 24, 2021

Ezra Institute Fellow Danie Strauss sits with Joe Boot in a series of interviews explaining the nature and origins of Reformational philosophy. In this segment Dr. Strauss introduces the impact that the Reformation had on the history of philosophy and the development of academic freedom.


Sphere Sovereignty, Fundamental Freedoms & COVID-19

by Andre Schutten and Derek Ross and Joe Boot

May 8, 2020

Joe Boot and legal scholar and executive director of the Christian Legal Fellowship Derek Ross, join ARPA’s Andre Schutten in conversation about the impacts of government regulations on fundamental freedoms and how we can evaluate that through a lens of sphere sovereignty.


Reflecting on the Evolution Debate

by Joe Boot

April 27, 2020

Ezra Institute founder Joe Boot reflects on Reformational philosophy, Scripture, and the opportunity to debate theistic evolution with Michael Jones.


The Government will be upon His Shoulders

by Joe Boot and Ryan Eras

December 5, 2019 | Isaiah 9:6-7

Jesus governs our hearts and lives, but His rule on the throne of David extends over the whole universe. One of the things that attends the growth of Christ's Kingdom is growing peace as the effect of the gospel goes out by His people.


Pro Life Challenge

by Joe Boot

May 6, 2019

At the invitation of Rebel Alliance Media, Joe Boot shares his #prolifechallenge video, outlining some reasons why he is pro-life, grounded in the character of God and His Word.


Utopia and the Kingdom of God

by Joe Boot and Peter Jones

July 23, 2018

In striving for utopia, Peter Jones discerns an innate drive to recover paradise, the result of being image-bearers of God.


The Gospel Will Win the World

by Jeff Durbin and Joe Boot

April 23, 2018

Joe Boot appears on Next Week with Jeff Durbin to discuss the message of the gospel and the role of the church in speaking to the public square.


Are Christianity & the West Doomed?

by Joe Boot

March 6, 2018

Dr. Joe Boot and Jeff Durbin sat down for breakfast with the team at Apologia Studios to discuss the future of Christianity and the Gospel.


Gospel Witness: The Nature and Means of Evangelization

by Joe Boot

December 7, 2017

EICC Founder Joe Boot talks about his new book, Gospel Witness, explaining what prompted him to write it, and the true, spiritual reality of Christian witness in light of the kingdom of God.

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The Meaning and Origins of Christmas Trees

by David Robinson and Joe Boot

December 5, 2017

Joe Boot talks with EICC Fellow Dr. David Robinson about Christmas trees, Nativity sets, and other Christmas traditions. Where do these come from and what do they mean for us?


Dangers of Two Kingdom Theology

by Joe Boot

November 22, 2017

Joe Boot spoke with the good men at the Rebel Alliance Podcast about the various interpretations of Two Kingdom theology and the differences between 2K and the historic Reformed faith. Click to listen to more from the Rebel Alliance.


Indulgences, Restitution and Grace

by Joe Boot

November 18, 2017

Luther and the Reformers had a good deal of criticism for the practice of buying and selling indulgences, but what were the theological motivations behind this invention?