Training Programs

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Our most comprehensive program, the Cultural Leadership Academy, begins with a 4-day residential program for students and professionals (19+) in fields such as politics, medicine, law, education, philosophy, business, science and technology, theology/pastoral ministry and the various arts.

The first part of the program provides a thorough introduction to Christian philosophy, apologetics and cultural theology. The second part of the program (optional) is taught remotely with courses from our online learning portal. These take the student deeper into the core subjects as well as numerous areas of cultural engagement and surveys the role the believer must play in the advancement of the Kingdom of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Delegates will live, eat, pray, and study together throughout the program. Each day consists of morning prayer and worship, lectures, group discussion, communal meals, free time and leisure activities and space for quiet reading and reflection.

Faculty members possess a reputation for Christian faithfulness and intellectual excellence, as well as experience in the work of cultural transformation. They are apologists, philosophers, theologians, physicians, educators, business leaders, pastors, authors, artists, and lawyers.

The Worldview Youth Academy is a week-long training program designed to equip high school-aged students to know, defend and apply their faith in the midst of the intellectual and practical challenges of our day.

Featuring world-class scholars and cultural apologists, the WYA provides each delegate with the foundations of a thoroughly scriptural worldview. Special activities during the week include swimming, sports, campfires, a talent show, movie night and closing BBQ.

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Christianity and culture

This four-day residential program,  for Christians in all spheres, deals with critical themes surrounding the Christian's responsibility when it comes to participating in, and shaping, culture.

At the program we will consider important subjects related to the mission of God's people to live our lives and shape our world in obedience to Christ.