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Colin Harbinson


What is Christian Art?

by Colin Harbinson and Ryan Eras

November 23, 2018 | Isaiah 6:1-13

What makes a work of art Christian? Colin Harbinson contends that Christian art is truthful art, expressed from a coherent Christian worldview.


Why Art Matters

by Colin Harbinson and Ryan Eras

November 16, 2018

As creatures bearing the image of God, mankind has a unique creative, artistic drive. How do we steward and develop art to the glory of God?


Film & TV

by Brian Mattson and Colin Harbinson and David Robinson and Marcus Pittman and Ryan Eras

September 7, 2018

As Christians we believe in the Lordship of Christ over all of history – including the history of communications – that God is working in and through historical events and persons to accomplish his eternal purposes which can never be thwarted (Job 42:2).