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Jubilee 2011 Fall - Culture


Christ and Culture

by Jeffery Ventrella and Joe Boot and Michael Haykin and Michael Wagner

October 1, 2011

Since Christ's purpose is the restoration and reconciling of all things to himself, the transformation of culture by faithfulness to the gospel and the total Word of God is central to the Christian's calling.


Whose Lordship?

by Joe Boot

October 1, 2011 | 1 Peter 1

The example of Christian martyrs under the Roman Empire leads us to see that culture-making is an expression of worship, and that culture wars are won and lost first in the spiritual realm. The Christian's calling is not to cultural retreat, but to transform culture in obedience to God's revealed word.


Christ and Culture

by Joe Boot

October 1, 2011 | Matthew 28:18-20

Culture is inescapably religious and therefore it cannot be neutral. Defying all opposition, Christ's transforming power is re-making individuals and redeeming every area of life in terms of his kingdom purposes.