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Faith Matters

by Joe Boot

January 15, 2014

Joe Boot and Justin Trottier of the Canadian Secular Alliance debate religious accomodation, LGBT education, and more.


Atheists vs Christmas

by Joe Boot

December 18, 2013

Joe Boot and Justin Trottier join Michael Coren to debate atheist ads being planned for the Christmas season.


How not to defend atheism

by Joe Boot

July 10, 2013

Joe Boot and Michael Coren comment on a video of atheists screaming at Christians in California.


Richard Dawkins and Creationism

by Scott Masson

August 7, 2012

Scott Masson on atheist Richard Dawkins. Is Dawkins really just a fraud?


Ridiculous Human Rights Complaint

by Joe Boot

April 25, 2012

Joe Boot weighs in on an atheist's threat to file a human rights complaint after a councillor's dinner blessing.