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By Grace You Have Been Saved

By David Robinson/ June 4, 2017

Series  Ephesians: All Things in Christ

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Salvation

Scripture  Ephesians 2:1-10

The Bible paints a stark picture of man's bleak condition in sin. Against this backdrop, we recognize the awesome riches of God's love, mercy and kindness in the gospel.

Sermon Notes:

  1. We know that we live in a world affected by sin. An honest self-assessment also tells us that we ourselves are corrupted by sin and under God’s wrath and judgment.
  2. When Adam and Eve were cast out of God’s presence, they were separated from intimate communion with the life of God.
  3. For Paul death is separation from God due to our rebellion against God’s law, leaving us without hope in the world.
  4. To be dead in our sins refers to our basic inclination to do evil.
  5. Paul says we have fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Having sinned, we no longer reflect the glory of God.
  6. The problem is us. We are twisted and crooked because of our trespasses and sins (Psalm 78:57).
  7. Behind the visible environment there are evil spiritual forces. No social policy or legislation will defeat spiritual evil; only the gospel can defeat sin and Satan.
  8. The Devil has influence, but he is not reigning. He is captive, having been defeated by Christ.
  9. Changing our environment will not fix our sin problem. Even if the conditions in our environment were changed, we would still be children of wrath.
  10. Paul paints a stark picture of our bleak condition in sin. Against this backdrop, we recognize the awesome riches of God’s love, mercy and kindness in the gospel.
  11. In saving us, God has poured out the power that raised Jesus, making us alive and setting us as rulers with Christ.
  12. God has made us alive together with Christ by the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead.
  13. In Christ, we now share in the eternal life of the Godhead. We have hope because God is with us in the world.
  14. We have ascended with Christ. That is our spiritual location, having been taken out of the world. We are not just elevated, but we are enthroned in heaven with Christ.
  15. This should give us every confidence to go out into the world and to do the works of Christ.
  16. The mercy and love of God are the reason why God has granted us such rich spiritual blessings (Psalm 103).
  17. Christ redeems our life from the pit so we can be seated with Christ in heavenly places.
  18. The grace of God is seen in the love of the father toward the prodigal son. It is because of God’s great love that we’re saved.
  19. We have been saved by grace. We cannot save ourselves (cf. Gal. 2:20).
  20. We are saved by grace through faith. Faith recognizes the grace of God and believes the Son of God gave Himself for us.
  21. Faith rests in a sure trust that every blessing described by Paul in this passage is true for us.
  22. Even the good works we do are by God’s grace; they are acts which He prepared for us to do.
  23. We are God’s workmanship and our lives are directed for His glory.
  24. In every little act of obedience, we are called to participate in the work of God.

Application Question

  1. What has God saved us from in the gospel?
  2. How did God accomplish salvation?
  3. Why did God save us, and for what purpose are we saved?
  4. What is saving faith, and what does that faith rest in?
  5. How are we to make known the love of Christ?
  6. What is the basis of our confidence to do God’s work in a hostile world?