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Searching for Truth: Rock of Ages

By Scott Masson/ May 4, 2014

Series  Searching for Truth

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  The Church

Scripture  Genesis 15:1-18; Matthew 7:24-27

Christ is Head of His Body the Church

The people of God in the body of Christ share in the redemptive renewal of a sin-spoiled creation.

Sermon Notes:

  1. As we examine the doctrine of the church, we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:1-2).
  2. The doctrine of the church is offensive to our culture.
  3. The institution of the church with its authority structures and discipline is rejected in favour of a “personal Jesus.”
  4. Both Jesus and His apostles affirm and build the church.
  5. The church is thus essential to our identity as Christians.
  6. We do not each possess all the gifts that compose the body of the church, e.g., leading, teaching, giving, serving.
  7. Christians need to identify with other believers; we need spiritual guidance from pastors and elders.
  8. The church needs to hold fast to Christ, to be pure in life and doctrine, and to be of one mind.
  9. The church is the covenant people of God.
  10. Contrary to dispensationalism, the called out people of God in all of history compose Christ’s church.
  11. The New Testament church is now the historical continuation of the people of Israel, the people of God by faith (Rom. 11:16-24).
  12. The NT rests firmly on the OT scriptures, quoting and relying on them (cf. Gal. 3:8; Gen. 15; 17).
  13. In the covenant relationship between God and His people, we are the bride of Christ and subjects of the King.
  14. Jesus is the covenant head in whose life and ministry we see the recapitulation of covenant history.
  15. The victory of Christ over death is already won; despite skirmishes, the church of Christ will prevail in history.
  16. The church is Christ’s body of which He is the Head.
  17. The congregation gathers to hear Christ’s Word preached and to respond in praise and prayer; Christ equips us and sends us out in His power.
  18. If we reject the covenant head of Christ, we will be lost; we will perish (cf. Heb. 12).
  19. Christ now reigns in victory as head over His people.
  20. In the application of redemption, we are sanctified as a body in the fellowship of Christ.
  21. The application of discipline is to restore an erring one to the body (cf. Eph. 4:11-14).
  22. The people of God in the body of Christ share in the redemptive renewal of a sin-spoiled creation.
  23. As the believer is a new creation in Christ, so the body of Christ in the church is renewed in resurrection power.

Application Questions

  1. Why is the institution of the church important to God’s kingdom economy?
  2. What is the New Testament expectation regarding the role and importance of the church?
  3. Which people make up the membership of the church?
  4. Why is it necessary for the believer to be joined to Christ’s body in the church?
  5. What benefits does Christ give to the church as its head?
  6. What is the future of the church given its victory power purchased by Christ on the cross?

Sermon Notes